you're not the boss of me

new assistant manager is really starting to piss off us baristas. it's not that he's mean or a jerk, he's just seriously lacking any and all managerial skills. he doesn't come from any sort of customer service background and he seems to think telling people what they already know makes him worth his salt.
well, it doesn't.

today he comes up to me (while i'm in the middle of helping a customer) and reminds me to make sure the toilet is cleaned every night.
um, hello?
i asked him which one of my closing shifts had a messy toilet.
"oh, it wasn't during one of your shifts, i just wanted to remind you."
it really bugged me that this manager, the guy that left one of the worst closes in the history of our bux, had the nerve "remind" me to do things that are done on every one of my shifts.
what's next? is he going to remind me to fill the ice bin or to clean the condiment bar? i can tell he means well but he should really make sure his beans aren't burned before he starts throwing his weight around.

unfortunately this incident isn't isolated to just me. he's basically stepped on the toes of everyone in my bux. when i have new partners coming up to me saying "who does he think he is to bug me about a clean apron? he doesn't even know how to make a caramel macchiato!" i know that big time drama is about to happen. especially when i overhear my manager complaining about him.
looks like there might be another staff change in the near future.

barista rant: why the hell do you make me look up the nutritional information for five drinks only to pick the one loaded with the most calories? did you think i needed the exercise flipping through pages? was this like some sort of scavenger hunt and whoever knows the caloric content of a white mocha wins? if you're so friggen' concerned about calories why don't you just order herbal tea and let me get back to work.


Ale8one said...

Brat, don't forget to make sure your register is counted down after your next close. o.k.?

Robb said...

Also, I just wanted to remind you that when somebody orders coffee from you, it costs money and they have to pay you. If a guest tries to leave without paying, we call that "stealing". Try not to let it happen, if possible. On a related note, you are also not allowed to "steal" from the company.
Just, you know, a reminder.

barista brat said...

haha, thanks for the reminder, guys.

Benny said...

This is exactly what I'm talking about- tool managers who have nothing useful to tell you, but seem to have SO much information to impart every time you round the corner! My new assistant manager makes sure to say all this dumb crap right when the GM is in earshot. I'm sure that customer loved to hear all about your bathroom business while they were ordering their coffee.

We're out of stoopidberry mix down here in Tampa, too. What gives?

Calamity H. Jane said...

Wow - now THAT is tact!

Who wouldn't want to hear that the barista serving them their coffee also cleans the shitter during their shift.
What a yahoo.