gimme, gimme, gimme

stupid customers are annoying, teenagers with attitude make me growl, but the species i hate more than anything are the people that expect you to hook them up or give them something free just because they inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

the other day a guy came in (the word "smarmy" comes to mind). i've seen him in my bux only once before, which means he is NOT a regular. he hands me his cup which previously housed a latte and holds up a dollar.
"refill?" i ask.
"no it's a latte." he smirks and continues to wave his dollar.
"well, i can't refill a latte. i can only give you ten cents off for a cup discount but i can give you a coffee refill." i explain, hating every second he waved george in my face.
"this is the local special," he winks at me then points to one of our newer baristas. "he'll take care of it. just charge me for a refill and give him my cup."
"oh, i can take care of it," newer barista says to me and goes to grab the cup, but i stopped him.
"you can have a refill and that's it," i inform the jerk in front of me.
he rolls his eyes and looks to newer barista who only informs him, "sorry man. she's the boss".
after this not so fun exchange i pulled newer barista aside and spelled out the refill policy. not only that, i made it painstakingly clear the reason i was so pissed off. i absolutely hate people who think they can smirk their way into a free (or discounted) drink. it was as if he expected me to be overwhelmed by his self-confidence and i would just start giving product away.

and yes, for our regular customers we will sometimes upsize their drink on us or give them an added shot of espresso. the difference is they never expect it and are always appreciative, whereas this guy walked up to my register and demanded another latte for fifty cents.
nothing brightened my day more than to shut him down.

partner rant: if you're going to fire two closers, at least have the foresight to get their shifts covered! don't wait until the last minute and say "oops! i guess you'll be a closer short tonight! sorry, but hey - still try to get out on time." are you kidding me? what, you think we like staying forty minutes past our original clock-out time? that we're just dawdling and having a grand old time? no! we're working our asses off because we're a person short! don't bitch the next day that some of us accrued overtime. find us coverage or don't complain. better yet - don't fire people that kick ass at their job.


Benny said...

I went through BOTH of these rants today, myself. The first- the old dotard's total came to 3.41. He kept looking at me and repeating "3.25?" and when he defiantly pressed 3.25 into my palm, I just stared at him. The guy behind him goes "THREE FORTY ONE, SIR!" This shamed him into not being such an ass. He stood there staring at the receipt, of course, but we got that .16 cents out of him, yet!

I have problems with overtime. I'm not supposed to be in till a certain hour, but there's no way in hell one person can get all the shit done before open. I have to be in 45 minutes early, and I bust my ass. My manager's all, "We're having overtime issues," but if they lived in reality they's see that the opening shift isn't their overtime problem. It's the fact that we have a 1:1 ratio of managers to associates until noon everyday!

Happy Easter, Brat! ;-)

barista brat said...

b - only two people 'til noon? that's insane. it seems some managers are incapable of understanding how a business is supposed to be run, only paying attention to whatever numbers the computer spits out.

Benny said...

Oh, no- it's that we have the exact same amount of managers as we have associates. Managers who get paid dollars more, and who do half the actual labor.

Two people till noon WOULD be insane. But I'm pretty sure it's happened twice since I've been there. Sigh.