don't let the door hit you...

oh happy day!
the former barista buddy turned barista bastard is transferring out of my bux. this morning my phone was a flurry with text messages, notifying me of his imminent departure.
yes, all partners in my bux are happy to see him go. mind you, we used to really like him but ever since he aligned himself with the misfit manager (who was subsequently fired) we all hated working with him. he thought misfit manager was his ticket to moving up the bux ladder so he became misfit manager's bitch - tattling on partners, acting like an ass, and barking orders to his fellow baristas. when misfit manager was fired, barista bastard became even more of a dick.

the funny thing is he was transferred to my bux about a year ago because of "issues" within his store. i remember him complaining about his previous bux, that the partners were fake, that management didn't appreciate him, yadda, yadda, yadda. he was really cool to work with for about six months, then it steadily went downhill from there. so, when he started to complain that our partners were all fake, that management was passing over him, and he was getting sick of the drama - well, it became pretty clear that the problem has always been him.

no, he will not be missed. yes, we are thrilled to see him go. now if we could only do something about our useless assistant manager.

customer rant: today i ordered a tea. you filled a cup full of hot water then started to dunk the tea bag into the cup. i asked you to pour the hot water over the tea bag so it could steep and you gave me a blank look. "you're not supposed to dunk a tea bag." i informed you. "what's the difference?" you shot back. "please, just pour the water over tea." i asked. you rolled your eyes, made the tea properly and said "gee, i'm sure it will taste so much better now." it took all my self-control to not bitch slap you over the counter. instead i just responded with an "if you drank tea, or bothered to read the coffee and tea manual, you would know the proper way to steep tea." no tip for you today, honey!

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