leave your mark

my bux bathroom is a magnet for trouble. i've already posted about the tokers (who must have lost their allowance because it's been a while since someone hotboxed it in there) and i've talked about the kids who use it as a personal water park. it's also used as a tagging ground. seriously.

in the time i've been at my bux we've had the mirror replaced six times because of someone etching "simox", "la guapa" or something equally unintelligible into the surface. the trashcan has been defaced on a monthly basis, as well as the walls, paper towel dispenser, toilet seat and door.

never having been a tagger myself, i'm pretty sure the intention is to leave one's mark.
but in the bathroom? in a bux? on the toilet seat?!?
this just seems like idiocy in my book.

i wonder - does one go into the bux bathroom with a safety pin a head full of bad intentions? or is one sitting there doing their business and suddenly get the urge to pull out a sharpie and leave a visual marker as well as a chemical one? does one get more points for a bux bathroom as opposed to a chipotle bathroom? are phone calls made to inform friends of your most recent work? are photos taken? or is there some sort of adrenaline rush that comes when a full bladder is banging on the door while you're furiously etching away?

really, i'm sure there are better ways to spend your alone time.

customer rant: i know you're in a drive thru store, but remember your cafe customers! don't leave my drink to be made after all the drive thru people have been taken care of. especially since i ordered before they even pulled up! there is no reason i should wait ten minutes for my one drink to be made when there was no one in front of me in line. remember - bux has drive thru for driver convenience. NOT because it's a faster way to get a drink. at least that's how it's supposed to be.


Ale8one said...

funniest thing i've heard in a while: "someone hotboxed it in there."

i'm going to use the word hotboxed for the next month.

silversonic said...

Love your blog... I have occasionally given thought to working in a coffee bar. Never have done anything like that before, and not sure I could hack it. Guess I can just live through you! Funny! I invite you to check out my blog sometime (mostly about my life as a stylist, but some other stuff is thrown in).

Benny said...

"Don't bother to wipe the seat; the crabs in our Bux can jump ten feet!"

"Be a sweetie, wipe the seatie!"

(Tag, Brat! You're it!)

barista brat said...

here's my sad attempt:

"please try and refrain
from marking terrain,
names you want to see
this room is to pee"

guerrilla blogger said...

it's public art, in some wierd sort of way...

Benny said...

I forgot the first part of the second tag:

"If you sprinkle when you tinkle:
Be a sweetie, wipe the seatie!"

I admit to writing my ex stepfather's phone number in a bathroom stall in Leicester, UK. And yes, the words before did say "For a good time, please call."

I was 18!