mother knows best

tonight one of those annoying spoiled teens came in, but this time with her mother. mom was being nice and bought huffy teen a twenty dollar gift card. teen orders a venti caramel frappuccino with extra caramel around the cup, extra whip cream, and extra caramel on top of the whip (you know - the staple drink for high schoolers).
teen hands me her gift card to pay for her drink ($4.15), but mom wants to order something as well.

"oh, can we add a small passion iced tea to that order?" she asked pleasantly.
i was about to give the teen her new total when she whined "mooooooooommmm!, this is MY starbucks card!"
"i know, i just bought it for you and i forgot i didn't have anymore cash. i'll give you the $1.45 when we get home."
"nnooooooo!" huffy teen whined even louder. "this is MY starbucks card! use a credit card if you don't have anymore cash!"

this was the point when mom got pissed.
"excuse me? actually that's my gift card because i paid for it. are you really going to be that selfish and not pay for my iced tea?"
then mom turned to me and said, "i'm sorry for wasting your time. please cancel both drinks. apparently my daughter doesn't deserve a drink tonight." and then she turned to her daughter and said, "you won't get another frappuccino until you learn how to behave. when you quit acting like a spoiled brat maybe i'll let you come back here."

and off they went.
so nice to see a parent actually parent in a bux!

customer rant: your bathroom is disgusting! it always stinks, there's never any toilet paper, and it always looks as if someone has tracked mud all around. you're supposed to check the bathroom every ten minutes, but it doesn't appear that you check it even hourly! i've heard other customers complain, but still you guys are content with the most disgusting bathroom this side of the mississippi.


[sic] said...

Man... for all of the times I buy for the kids, if they ever conceived of acting in such a piss poor manner they would be so lucky as to smell the fresh brewed scent of a 'Bux interior again.

(If I may be so bold...)
Dear cool, tattooes Barista.
I know you like eight - yes, count 'em - 8 shots in your java, but when I ask for an Iced Venti Extra Caramel Caramel Machiatto, that's what I would like. Not additional shots or light caramel. I simply want ice + a venti size cup + caramel on the bottom + my required shots + whole milk + additional caramel on top of the liquid confection + a lid + a straw + and a mmm, mmm, good. In turn I will say thank you and have a nice day and want to return to your store on your shift.

Ale8one said...

nice move mommy! finally, a refreshing act of parenthood.

barista brat said...

[sic] - feel welcome to rant here anytime! and a secret just for you: if you're buying frappuccinos for the kids, you can order one venti split into two cups. that way you get two talls for the price of one venti. the baristas might not be too happy about it, but they must comply. bux says so!

ale8one - i know! i wanted to hug that mom!

Benny said...

That mother is my hero!!!

Lee said...

finally a mom I can respect.

Anonymous said...

That's how I hope to be when I have kids. Non-shitty parents = win.