i done been tagged

fellow blogger sling has tagged me.

the rules:
i must write six weird things or habits about myself, then tag six other bloggers and notify them in their comments section.

here goes...
1. i can carry six gallons of milk at a time - three in each hand. i consider this somewhat of a habit because i do it several times a day at bux.
2. way too easily i get sucked into watching 'date my mom' or 'yo momma' on mtv.
3. one of my prized possessions is a copy of the book 'the neverending story' in french.
4. i've gone weeks at a time without caffeine *gasp! hiss!*
5. um...ok...i admit it - i still listen to radio disney on occasion.
6. i can open coke cans with my toes (no joke!).

so, here is who i'm tagging:
1. [sic]
2. benny
3. alex
4. littledevilworks
5. silversonic
6. ale8one

robb - i didn't tag you because i know benny will!

customer rant: today i ordered two drinks. both were hot and both made with nonfat milk. so why the hell did i have to wait five minutes after receiving my first drink to get my second one? why did the three people behind me get their hot drinks before you made my second one? and when i asked about my second drink you were snotty and said "it's coming!", as if i were being impatient. how about serving the drinks in order like you're supposed to, eh buddy?


Benny said...

Thanks for sparing Robb, Brat! I promise I don't know six people, though.

Hmmm... :-)

silversonic said...

In days of old, when knights were bold and rubbers weren't invented,

they tied a sock around their cock and babies were prevented.


(sorry so vulgar).

silversonic said...

Ok... So I didn't read the instructions... 6 weird things or habits for the TAG...

1. I won't eat from or drink from reusable plastic containers.

2. I hate to be going to bed after my husband... to do this requires a flashlight in hand, or a light left on in the bdroom.

3. I fear being without coffee in the morning. FEAR.

4. I hate to wash my jeans... I think; 'the more wear, the more perfect the fit'. Yuck, right? Thank God for Dryel...

5. Microwave popcorn and Twizzlers strawberry licorice are my vices.

6. I wash most of my clothing inside-out. I put it away that way as well.


Sling said...

Fair is fair...We need pix of #6...Hey, I rhymed!..

silversonic said...

P.S. I don't really 'know' 6 other bloggers.... SAD, but true...

silversonic said...

Hey... for more about being a stylist, you may like my blog entitled 'Slainte' from St. Pat's Day this year.

Ale8one said...

i'm late but i'll get with it here soon brat!