spring break at bux

uh-oh. it's spring break and that means frappuccinos morning, noon and night. it means rowdy high and jr. high kids all day long, and it means our normal customers will get pissy because the store will be too loud and there will be nowhere for them to sit. it also means lots and lots of stories for the barista brat blog.

for instance: yesterday there must have been an email circulating within the teen boy community because three (count 'em: three!) different teens tried to get a free drink by flirting.
what the hell were they thinking?
the conversations went like this:
"hi, what drink can i get started for you today?"
"hey, i'm mike (<--you can also insert justin or randy). you have a real pretty smile, you know that?"
"uh, thanks. what drink can i get started for you?"
"aw, cmon! you're not gonna tell me your name? i just told you mine!"
"you gonna order a drink or no?"
"yeah, i'm craving a frappuccino."
"ok, what flavor and size?"
"but there's a problem. i don't have any money. you think there's any way i could get a free one? um, did i tell you already you have a pretty smile?"

then there were the rich mall brats who thought it would be super funny to change their drink size twenty times.
"i want a venti - no wait, i want a grande. yeah, a grande. no! a venti, but i can't really finish that. give me a grande. do i want a grande or do i want a tall? well, i'm on a diet so maybe i should get a tall. but if i order a light frappuccino i can order a venti! but will i finish a venti?"

and the hip hop boys who always preface their sentances with, "gimme a" and then throw their money on the counter for good measure. the words 'please' and 'thank you' never entering their daily vocabulary.
oh, this week is going to last forever.

barista rant: what is with you boy scout den mothers? you came in to get a donation for your raffle. i explained that only the manager could authorize that, but i was nice and told you i was willing to put your info sheet in the backroom because sometimes baristas are willing to donate their weekly markout. i made it clear that it was up to the individual partners. so what do i overhear today? the very same den mother telling my manager that all the partners were supposed to donate their pounds of coffee to her stupid raffle. are you friggen' kidding me? after getting her two pounds donation from the manager the damn den mother sighed and said, "is this ALL? last year they gave me so much more. and i thought everyone was supposed to give me their coffee!" lady! you're getting coffee for free! quit your bitching!


littledevilworks said...

I guess you probably see more horror stories than I do, but thanks for reading! :)

Ale8one said...

this is straight out abuse.

well it's hump day. you're only halfway through unfortunately. once it's over treat yourself. i'll be thinking about you every time i see snotty kids this week.

barista brat said...

ale8one - i would try to write something clever but right now there are five fifteen year-old girls sitting near me talking about the superiority of thongs over panties.

Anonymous said...

ha ha!!! i liked the thing about the hip hop boys...every time a customer says "gimme" i get eazy e stuck in my head for a few hours...gimme dat, gimme dat nut!