after yesterday, today seemed pretty boring. we did have an old actor from "the goonies" come in and that garnered a little attention.
ok, not really. no one even recognized him.

amazingly our customers were on good behavior all day long. of course spring break was over for most students so i encountered very few unruly teenagers. and even though i made about a billion frappuccinos, it wasn't too annoying because we were tipped very well. even though we had no napkins, black tea or hazelnut syrup, none of our customers threw a hissy fit.

i completely expected some customers to be uptight and grouchy because of tax day but no, everyone was cool. maybe i just had the lucky shift. it kind of felt like being in the twilight zone.

almost no point to posting in the blog!

partner rant: please tighten up your orders! this whole weekend we had to pick up product from other stores because you didn't order nearly enough. and today when the orders were delivered it quickly became evident that you neglected to order things we need everyday, like grande hot lids and condiment bar napkins. how hard is it to follow a par system? you've worked at bux plenty long enough to order properly.


Ale8one said...

i think tax day has an oppressing, depressing effect, so that no one takes to whoop ass level. this could however, build to fighting as the week progresses.

[sic] said...

The Goonies, huh? Do tell. That movie was incredibly cool!

Again, I never get anything remotely close to cool in my 'Bux... unless of course you count the incredibly hot hipster blonde on 3rd Street and Bell or the one a day everyday M.I.L.F. on T-bird and 43rd.

But I digress...

barista brat said...

ale8one - one can only hope!

[sic] - yeah, he used to come in more often and was a total dick - making one girl cry, picked a fight with one of my fellow baristas and even asked me and another barista brat if we were going to try out for the playboy bux edition.