what's yours is mine

bux has a deal with t-mobile and we offer their wi-fi services in our store. many of our customers subscribe to this service. some of them are smart enough to take advantage of the free internet offered by the boba bar two doors down. and then there are those that have their own special devices for internet service. the kind that act like internet antennas.
not a problem if it's contained to the table one occupies. big problem when one destroys our retail displays in the process.

today some guy started pulling things off our shelf to use as tools in his internet quest. mugs, display boxes and even a coffee machine were all game for this guy. he started stacking everything up so he could trap a signal and happily work over the net from our bux. clearly, the guy thought bux was entirely at his disposal.

"i'm sorry sir, but you're going to have to put that all back." i informed him as he made some unstable tower to prop his device on.
"don't worry. i will. i just need to set up for a video conference." was his response.
"you're going to have to put it all back now." i wasn't budging.
"look, i have an important deal and i need to make sure my signal doesn't cut out!"
"well, if you pay for the mugs, the machine and the display box, you're welcome to keep them there. otherwise put them back."

result: i was called a corporate drone before the guy grabbed his stuff and left, leaving me to clean up the mess he made.

barista rant: you're eighteen years old! why are you ordering a kids' cocoa? oh, i know. because you're a cheapie and you only want to spend a dollar. that's fine. just realize when you order a drink for a kid, i'm going to make a drink for a kid. that means it will be quite lukewarm and unenjoyable to anyone that's already hit puberty. when you bitch that the drink is too cooled down, i will smile and say "yes. all kids' drinks are cooled down. no, i won't remake it hotter." if you persist and continue to bug me i'll probably remind you that bux is not burger king and you can't have it your way.


Benny said...

Wait, this man called you a corpodrone because he was wrecking your merchandise? Why would he take an important deal to Starbucks knowing his Internet doesn't always work there? Was he really that desperate for his kids' cocoa??

[sic] said...

I wish you worked in one of the two stores I frequent. (NO, I'm not a twisted 'Bux stalker, it's a matter of convenience depending on which side of town I'm on.) Some folks I have the displeasure of standing in line with every now and again need a 'Bux slap like no other - as do some of the employees. But it's all good. We laugh. We smile. We fake it.

barista brat said...

b - the weird thing was how nice the guy was the week before. i think the whole "important deal" thing was a bunch of bull. he just wanted me to allow him to destroy the store.

[sic] - yeah, i lost my "faking it" ability after working one year for the bux.

Ale8one said...

yea, i'm sure every bux laptopper has an important deal that's going down soon. if it's that important they should be on a more secure network. is it too hard to admit that you just want to enjoy a great cup of coffee and surf the internet?

you need to start charging some of these schlubs rent if they're going to rearrange stuff for office space.

[sic] said...

Hiya Brat,

Thanks for stopping by my other blog. If you prefer to help us out in other ways, that's fine. Again, it's all vey much appreciated.

In advance, thank you for your help. It's very much appreciated.