when parents go bad

it's official. this is bad parent week.

now, bux is no stranger to parents who allow their kids run wild while they sip their lattes. we are very used to this, though it never ceases to be annoying. but this week the bad parenting thing has gone to the extreme.
on monday there was a woman who set her toddler on a table then walked away, only to have him fall and bump his head, as well as the mother who allowed her daughter to try and step into our rtd case, knocking down bottles and yogurts in the process.
tuesday was fun as well. a lady burned her child with her coffee and then tried to blame us. she was holding her son, grabbed her drip coffee, then as she answered her phone she tipped her coffee and poured it on her son's leg. he started screaming (rightfully so) and she started yelling at us that the cap wasn't on correctly. oh, indeed it was. she was just too dumb to realize she was holding her coffee at a 45 degree angle.
this morning we had a very outspoken woman in line who complained that people weren't ordering fast enough. she spent two minutes bitching before paying for her caramel macchiato. then she walked over to the bar and asked me to hurry it up because - get this - her baby was asleep in the car with the engine running so she could keep the heater on.

are you kidding me? was she hoping for her very own amber alert?
i can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings.

barista rant: if you know you can't finish a venti chai latte before it grows cold, then order a grande! don't waltz over to me after an hour and complain that your drink isn't hot enough and expect me to make you a new one! don't suggest i resteam it because that is disgusting, as well as being a total health code violation. don't give me a crabby look when i won't give in to you. if you're old enough to shell out the big bucks for your beverage, you're old enough to suffer the consequences of slow sippage.


Ale8one said...

it's obvious some people don't want to be accountable for anything.

and some people should be neutered.

guerrilla blogger said...

there are many many parents out there who should never have breeded in the first place..

dont' you wish you could just slap them when they need it?