it's raining, i'm pouring: frappuccinos

i live in a freakishly frappuccino addicted part of town. seriously. i think one year my bux even won some award for highest frappuccino units sold. so on days like today, when it's cloudy and raining, it's nice to have a bit of a reprieve from the blenders. sure, there are those that would order a frappuccino in a snow storm, but there is definitely a noticeable decrease in "frozen" drinks when it's cold.

the horrible flip side is the second it stops raining, or the tiny fraction of a second when the sun peeks out, it's a frappuccino mad house all over again. these folks seem to live for any reason to suck down hundreds of calories.
"woohoo! it quit sprinkling! it's frappuccino time!"
"thank goodness the temperature went up a full degree. now i can treat myself to a caramel frappuccino. hey, the weather sucked all morning! i deserve a treat!"

i think these people live to see their shadows so they have a "reason" to indulge. coffee grounds-hogs. that's what they are.

today i was stuck at the frappuccino station for two hours straight. not one customer ordered a bar drink - no mochas, lattes or americanos. nope, it was all blended beverages this afternoon. it didn't matter that the sun never shone, that the customers were wearing jackets and wool coats, or that the patio furniture was soaking wet from the rain. all these people want, crave and desire are their frappuccinos, and they'll give us hell if they can't have them instantly.

this was the sort of day where i shake my fist at howard schultz and curse whoever invented ice blended coffees.

barista rant: just how cheap are you? not only did you grab a handful of straws, you stuffed your purse full of splenda packets, raw sugar and napkins. you asked me for two extra cups and lids, as well as a short cup full of half&half. thank god you didn't go to the bathroom because i'm sure you would have walked out with rolls of toilet paper and stacks of paper towels. what really sucks is how brazen you are when you do it. at least have the decency to be sly!


Ale8one said...

obviously barista brat, you didn't get the memo that your store is to supply local customers with sugar, straws and paper goods. and you're supposed to feed them too.

get your act together! hand out free toilet paper and sandwiches to all customers. it's time your store did some good!

Robb said...

Customer Complaint!
When I order a tall coffee and ask for room, I am usually given an inch or a little more than that. When I order a venti coffee and ask for room, I get an inch or a little more than that.
I mean WTF? If I ask for room, then obviously I like cream in my coffee. Wouldn't they know that I'd need a little more room in a venti? I can barely make a dent with the room I get from my Bux.

barista brat said...

ale8one - oops, i better go back and read those memos.

robb - here's a secret, and it will save you a dime every time. ask for a grande drip in a venti cup. you'll get plenty of room for your cream and you'll save money!

Robb said...

...it's like I have insider information...

Anonymous said...

After 3 months in Eastern Europe with only self-brewed (mostly instant) coffee, I arrived back in Chicago in December. It was snowing, but I got a Frappuccino anyway. The look the barista gave me was astounding.

I've quite enjoyed reading your blog. We in the service industry need to stick together. Doing phone tech support (The motherboard is dead, I demand a replacement, that's what's wrong!.... Oh nevermind, it was unplugged) is quite infuriating at times, but I've seen disrespect from clients, and then I've seen bitches ordering at Starbucks. I would throw a frothy mass of steamed milk at someone within my first two weeks.