bux is not the muffin man

here's something some people (amazingly) don't know. bux does not have ovens in their backroom. we don't make the sandwiches we sell and we don't bake our pastries. this doesn't stop people from expecting us to pull a croissant from out of thin air when we tell them we've sold out.

our pastries our delivered to us each day. usually they've been delivered before the morning crew enters the store. but occasionally they are delayed, and we don't have any goodies to sell for a few hours. it makes total sense that people who wanted a muffin with their coffee will be disappointed when our pastry case is empty. that doesn't give them a free pass to yell at us because they can't stuff their face.

"where are your pastries? why didn't you make enough?" customers yell.
"what am i supposed to do now for breakfast?" they ask.
"great! now i have to go to the bagel place for my bagel and cream cheese!" they inform us.

um, ok.
honestly, we don't care. things happen that are beyond our control. we aren't going to beg forgiveness from customers if our pastries didn't make it on time. and we certainly aren't going to give away free drinks because someone has to walk two shops over to grab a stinkin' bagel.

customer rant: i knew there was a reason i haven't been to your bux in a while. today you reminded me exactly why. not only is your store a mess - in the lobby and behind the bar - your partners have total attitude. after ordering my drink, i gave you my partner numbers for my discount. "that's not a partner number," you said. "it's supposed to have more digits," you rolled your eyes at me, as if you caught me in some scam to get discounted drinks. when i informed you that yes, my partner numbers were indeed valid, you snorted. "enter them," i practically had to command you. "oh, you're right." you told me without an apology. thank you for giving me a reason to never come back to your bux.


[sic] said...


I bow to you oh great Starbuckian queen!

I feel for your having to deal with the stupidity of mankind, or at least - the coffee lemmings of the world.

Ale8one said...

poor starving people of the world. they go in to get coffee and then are forced to hunt down food elsewhere.

my heart is wide open and bleeding for them.

jehara said...

wow, how rude of that barista! he could have just entered the numbers without saying anything and if they really were wrong, then he could have mentioned it. what a dumb rude ass!