do you speak americano?

how hard is it to understand an americano is made from espresso and water?
doesn't our menu clearly state what an americano is made of? when you asked me to tell you what went into an americano, did i mumble? i even told you the history of americanos and how they got their name but i guess my answer wasn't good enough because you asked another barista about this drink. her response must have pleased you because you ordered two americanos.
so why did you bring them back to me five minutes after they were made and tell me they weren't what you ordered?

"they taste like coffee," you told me. "there's no milk in them. and they aren't at all sweet. weren't they supposed to be sweet?"
i so wanted to scream "of course there's no friggen' milk or suger! did at any point in any of your conversations about americanos did anyone ever use the words milk or sugar?"
but instead i told him i'd make him two vanilla lattes since he didn't like the drinks he ordered.
"but will they be sweet? and will they have milk?" he asked.
i nodded my head as an affirmative, sure that if i opened my mouth i would make some bratty remark about his intelligence (or lack thereof).

when i handed him his new drinks he thanked me, but not before asking yet again if they were sweet and if they had milk. some people should never leave the house.

partner rant: two of my favorite barista buddies have been fired. i'm so upset/sad/bewildered i can hardly see straight. i guess the worst part is the timing. they are two of the best closers we have. without them it will take us even longer to clean up the store. it's hard not to blame the manager (who's been in our store for only a month) or our new assistant manager (who's been with the company for only two months) because it seems like they are trying to "clean house". sure, give a write up for being late, or have a coaching conversation about giving away your partner beverage, but firing two of the hardest workers we have? something stinks and it ain't spoiled milk.


guerrilla blogger said...

i SWEAR the dumbest ignorant incapable morons are the ones who become management....as far as the idiot who doens't know what he wants, well, that's part of the show, isn't it? it makes it all intersting....

barista brat said...

yeah, it's kind of a "those that can't, manage" situation.