when bux sux

bux is a great company to work for. nowhere else would a part-timer like me get health benefits, tips, stock options and paid vacation. plus, i get to pick my schedule and whatever hours i crave but that might be because i'm da bombest barista brat evah!

there are, however, some bux practices that i don't agree with. one of them is paying externally hired management more than internally promoted partners. i think this practice sux because it is very rare that an external hire is worth the money they are being paid.
my new assistant manager is one of these external hires. sure, he's personable, but he's practically useless as a manager. he stays on register all day long because he's afraid of the bar, he's slower than molasses when it comes to cash handling and he has no clue as how to talk to/manage partners.
my other assistant manager started at bux as a barista and worked her way up the ladder. she is amazing, fast at all procedures, all partners love and respect her and she is ready to fully manage her own store. what a shame she doesn't get paid as much as the other guy.

so bux - if you're listening - start paying your internals as much as the externals! they're the ones who deserve it!

barista rant: why the hell are you complaining that your drink is too hot when you ordered it to be made at 180 degrees? what did you expect the temperature to be? lukewarm? just because you heard another customer ask for a 180 latte doesn't mean you should. and if you do end up ordering something that you don't understand, don't complain about it! let it be a learning experience.


Ale8one said...

i had no idea they had that management practice. from what i'd read, it seemed as though they had management practices in gear and were leaders in the field.

wow. that's an interesting tidbit.

barista brat said...

i think bux is a leader in the field because of low turnover and a high rate of promotion.
the reason they pay externals more is because they believe they are paying for management experience, where they have to actually train internals to manage.
i still think it's dumb.

Benny said...

New managers can be such tools, Brat. Occupational Hazzard Numero Uno. We have one that keeps walking around talking shit. Tidy up this. Check that. Restock this. Tell the customer that. Stuff people are already DOING. He says "right on" and "that's beautiful" after everything, and he looks like Ron Jeremy crossed with the cartoon on the Pringles can. Crazy trucker.

I split the BGTF with my mother last night. It tasted like piss! And it's common knowledge that people who drink piss are stupid, yes. ;-)

barista brat said...

i'm still trying to visualize ron jeremy crossed with the cartoon pringles man, but it keeps grossing me out.

a side note - once ron jeremy came into my bux with a couple of his "co-stars". he was wearing a shirt with an arrow pointing up that said "the man" and an arrow pointing down that said "the legend".
oh, and he made the girls pay for him, as well as actively bug them about letting him borrow a couple thousand dollars.
"ron! i'm not lending you any money! this is the same thing you did to me when i was 18!" i heard the blonde one say.

yeah, we baristas had a good laugh about that.

Benny said...

Oh, Grrrrroooooossss! Haha!