your medium does not offend me

some of you need a new hobby.
i have some news for you: the words 'small', 'medium', and 'large' do not offend us baristas. if you have no desire to speak starbonics - no problem! we don't care. if you come in and ask for a large caramel frappuccino, we will give you one. sure, we'll call it a venti caramel frappuccino, but still, you're getting what you ordered.

now, this post isn't a complaint for those of you who use the words 'small', 'medium', or 'large'. it's for those that expect us bratty baristas to keel over dead when you sneer "gimme a ssssmmmmaaaaalllll cup of coffee". you know who you are - you come in armed with your paper, ready for a fight over words. and sometimes you pull a soapbox out from where the sun don't shine to orate.

"why can't you call it a large?" "this cup isn't tall, it's small!" "who are you to tell us how to order our coffee?"

guess what? we don't care. really. even when you tell us you're going to join that movement/website/petition to force the bux to change the name of their sizes, we don't care. order your drink, pay, leave. simple.

so please, continue to call a grande latte a medium latte if it makes you happy. just be quick about it.

barista rant: if you want to have your book club meeting in my bux, fine. just please order some damn coffee! it is ridiculous and rude for a party of six people to waltz in, take over 2-3 tables, hang out for an hour and spend less than fifty cents a person. and asking for two empty cups so you can turn your venti mocha into sample mochas for your group is so gauche. since you're only meeting once a month why don't you splurge and order that white mocha you've always been meaning to try, but are too scared to consume the calories. go ahead, treat yourself. i'm sure being cheap burns a lot of calories.


guerrilla blogger said...

i can't help reading your blog. perhaps cause i agree with what you say and i can relate to what you are saying, i've gotten pissed at the same types of people (i'm not a barista) but i really like your blog. rock on daddy-o...

barista brat said...

thanks for the comment.