green apron does not equal doormat

yeah, so it rained today. and sure, traffic sucked and you were late for work. and of course someone snaked your parking spot, which meant you had to park a whopping two spaces further away from the door. and to top it all off, you stepped in a puddle on your way to the bux.

you were mad.
ok, that's perfectly understandable.

however - that does not mean you can yell at me because your life sucked for the last eight hours.

you heard me, green apron does not equal doormat. just because you are willing to pay close to four dollars for your caffeine fix does not give you the right to berate us baristas - bratty or non-bratty.
and you should consider yourself lucky that my fellow barista didn't give you decaf shots. or resteam your milk. even though you deserved it!

barista rant: flush the damn toilet! this is a public restroom for grounds sake! how hard is it to push the little silver handle until you hear a whoosh sound? if you're capable of ordering a double tall one pump vanilla soy no foam extra caramel macchiato, you're capable of ensuring the toilet water is no longer yellow when exiting the bathroom.

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