so long, farewell

post is late tonight because of a late night closing. i might have been able to post this twenty minutes earlier, but there was a large group of people congregating in my bux this evening. we must truly have a wonderful store, because they didn't want to leave. at all.

i think it's great when customers hang out. i think it's cool that we have regulars who enjoy reading/working/studying in our bux. but what isn't great or cool are those who think just because they ordered their drinks two minutes before we close, they can hang out for as long as they like.

not so!

this might be news to some, but us barista brats are given a time frame to clean up and leave. that means we will not budge when we say "sorry folks, we're closing!" you do indeed have to go home when we tell you to. it doesn't matter that you just settled into a comfy wooden chair and were about to start a meeting of the minds. it doesn't matter that you tossed a dime into the tip jar after you ordered. what matters is we said "good night, we're closed".

partner rant: what part of "sweep the floor" do you not understand? i swear, every time you did your lobby i reminded you to sweep. you nodded your head, as if to acknowledge my request, but then you don't deliver. no broom, no disney-sweeper. nada. and yet you walked over the same straw wrapper three times. "sweep the floor" i again urged and you gave me a blank look. "sweeeeeeep the flooooooor" i tried once more, this time using hand gestures. finally, the wheels started turning and you grabbed a broom. too bad you missed the straw wrapper.


guerrilla blogger said...

it baffles me how people think they have a RIGHT to overstay thier welcome and be a nuisance. a friend who worked in a Borders used to tell of this guy who they would have to chase around the store to kick out...insane...

barista brat said...

the worst are the repeat offenders. the ones that know full well what time we close. the ones that always put up a fight when we announce store closing. the ones that are ever hopeful and think "maybe tonight will be the night they let me stay!".