i'm not going to go into the whole tipping/non-tipping "controversy". really no need. as i see it, if you want to leave a tip, then please do so. if you don't want to tip, then keep your money. most baristas (bratty or not) feel the same.

there is only one breed of non-tippers we baristas truly, truly hate: the celebrity non-tipper.

you know who i'm talking about. the actor/singer/model who pulls up in their ferrari/porsche/hummer and would rather appear on the surreal life than part with the nickel i gave them back in change. the ones who are pissed because we don't gush about how wonderful their last film/song/campaign was. the ones who expect us humble (and bratty) baristas to feel privileged just to make their beverage.
well - not so! sorry, but you don't get special treatment because you are famous and make more money than the rest of us. and you best be careful because we baristas are always quick to inform whoever will listen what a cheapskate you are. then we will summize that you must be in financial trouble, your career is dead and you will soon be on skating with the stars. i mean, why else would you so desperately hang on to that nickel?

barista rant: please learn the difference between an iced latte and a frappuccino! don't give me a blank look then boldy declare "i didn't order that" when i present you with your drink. yes you did order it! i distinctly heard the words "gimme a latte - an iced one" come out of your lying mouth. if you really wanted a frappuccino, then ask for a frappuccino. simple! and if you find yourself again in this situation, it would be much better if you said "i'm sorry, i ordered the wrong thing" and we will most likely remake your drink without a scowl.


Anonymous said...

ahaha POWER TO YOU! I know what you mean about the whole iced latte and the frapp confusion, and how the customers blame us for their mistake. THe one that gets me the most is when people order a CAPPuccino and then wait till you got a seperate pitcher and foamed the milk just for their CAP to find out they wanted a FRAPPuccino. FOR GOD SAKES people its just a two letter difference its not that hard to figure out!
-YOur fellow BARISTA

John Travolta said...

Where's my fucking latte, bitches!?