service animals only

i know toy poodles aren't new, but it seems there's been a rash of them coming into my bux. well, their owners at least.

now, any place that is considered food service is not allowed to have animals in the store. the only exception are service animals. however, it seems people conveniently forget that "mr. fluffs" is supposed to stay outside. sometimes they insist their tiny chihuaha with the louis vuitton vest is indeed a service dog.

well, even though the owners might resemble someone mentally challenged, these vanity dogs do not qualify. they must stay outside the store. and yes, that includes when you order and when you collect your drink.

just because you smooch your pup, sleep, eat and cuddle with him does not mean it is sanitary. just because you haven't caught some fatal doggie disease does not mean you can bring him into a business that serves food and drink. and just because he's your best friend does not mean we have to accommodate you and break the rules so your paw-mate can be with you 24/7.

guess what? there's a reason pets aren't allowed at the bux. if you're too dim to figure out why, then move to dog-friendly paris and you'll never have to worry about it again. well - actually i think the bux in paris don't allow pets, either.

partner rant: quit stealing aprons! i know for a fact you were given two when you started working for the bux. it really isn't that hard to forget that every barista needs their apron every shift. so, why do you think you're sly when you pilfer one that belongs to someone else? it's pretty obvious you did it considering you were the only person in the backroom when they went on break. oh, and the fact their name is written on the apron kind of gave you away as well. it's pretty lame to steal an apron from your fellow barista, so act responsibly and bring one of the two you own.


guerrilla blogger said...

i think i hate those owners more than those dogs...but even if they were allowed in, i would still want them banned. i think, not only should those little rat dogs be banned, but anyone who actually owns one should be banned for owning it. and if you put those gay ass clothes on your dog, you should just be shot...but that's me...

Ale8one said...

i had a rant like this a couple of months back.

you're right on it. these owners of these dogs nowdays are confusing them with people, it's sad really. just because they fit in your purse doesn't mean they're acceptable everywhere.

you can't just bring in mice or gerbils anywhere you want to.

Benny said...

I. Love. Your. Blog.

Praise be,


Robb said...

Hey Miss Brat,
Do me a post about the oh-so-secret "short" size that isn't on the menu but DOES exist! I'm dying to hear that S-bux managers tell you guys to hide the cups so that nobody asks what size that is, or some other subterfuge (outrageous mispelling!). Ever since I found about about it (and wrote like 3 posts about it myself), it's all I order.

I can see their margins shrinking right before my very eyes.

barista brat said...

hey robb,
back in the day before i was a barista, starbucks had three sizes for drinks: short, tall, grande.
at the time there was no venti, but i guess the 'supersize' madness caught on and thus the venti was born!
believe it or not, baristas would rather make short drinks. it's faster, and easier. plus, drinking 8 ounces makes a hell of a lot more sense than 20.5 ounces (or 24 if we are talking iced ventis and frappuccinos).
but alas, robb, there is no secret conspiracy. believe it or not, they don't feature shorts due to 'market demand'.