drinking for two

what is it with pregnant women and their quad venti white mochas?

i don't know if some new medical study has come out, claiming caffeine is actually good for a fetus, but it seems there must be some new discovery because only about 1 in 5 pregnant women have been ordering decaf. it's something i don't understand at all. why would you ingest four ounces of espresso when expecting?

sometimes the hormones cause the women to forget, or at least that's what they tell me when i ask, "would you like that decaf?" while eyeballing their six-month bump.

but mostly they just look at me like i'm the weird one, wondering why on earth i would ask such a question. occasionally they will preempt us by saying, "well, i always stay off the hard stuff but today i need a little extra boost" which of course is a lie because they never order decaf. sometimes it's the mom-to-be's second or third cuppa that day. i'm wondering if they think all the caffeine will help on delivery day and the newborn will just shake and quake its way out.

but us bratty baristas have a secret. sometimes we accidentally pull decaf shots.

customer rant: your store is big. it's massive. it has two condiment bars and at each bar there are two carafes of half&half. that's a total of four half&half carafes. so why is each and every one empty? if you're so damn busy you should be especially diligent with your floor runs. but no, as long as the trash isn't overflowing you think all is good. well, it's not. believe me, i hate coming over to you baristas to ask for more half&half while you're in the middle of a rush, i really do. but remember - i wouldn't have to ask if you just did your job.


Benny said...

I do even better. When someone who's given me grief wants decaf, I make sure they'll spend one long, sleepless night tossing and and turning. Indeed.

Ale8one said...

i think some pregnant women don't care as long as their needs are met. some will drink more wine than necessary too.

Anonymous said...

I'm about 4 months pregnant, and you can have caffiene. I forget the amount they say is safe, but a cup of coffee isn't going to hurt anything.
It's something like 4 cans of soda isn't even enough caffiene to hurt the baby...
Just so you know. You can look it up on any pregnancy website.

Lee said...

300 mg of caffeine a day is considered safe for preggo women now. That's cumulative however, iced tea and chocolate count.

How many mgs are in a venti mocha?

Meira said...

Agreeing with the above posters, the "experts" say it's ok to have 300 mgs a day while pregnant. Since espresso is brewed so quickly, it actually contains far less caffeine then drip coffee, and 3-4 shots is within the recs.

the Drunken Housewife said...

There have been a ton of studies done on caffeine's effects on fetuses, and the studies always started from the viewpoint of "there must be some horrible effects those selfish, selfish women are inflicting on their babies." After years of studying, it is now established that the ONLY health risk caused by caffeine use by a pregnant woman is a slightly elevated risk of miscarriage in the first trimester.

If a woman is far enough along to appear visibly pregnant, it is completely safe for her to drink coffee. The fetus will not be harmed in any way.

Please try not to be judgmental of pregnant women. Most likely they know much more than you do about what they should or should not be doing, since they are the ones going to prenatal appointments and getting educated about the issues of pregnancy.

Toni said...

You blew it this time, brat.

Unless and until you open your obstetrics practice, please don't presume to dictate to a pregnant ADULT woman what she should consume. Take the nice lady's money and give her the caffeine or she may come back to hurt you. Pregnant ladies with caffeine-deprivation headaches can be quite surly.

When I was pregnant with my two kids, caffeine was the only vice I was allowed. It didn't hurt them. In fact, my eldest is a barista, so I got him started early.