you give baristas a bad name

today i went into your bux for the first time. sure, this is a new store and most likely the partners are new to the company, but still - we do have standards, you know?

this is what i witnessed during my visit today: register partner not wearing a hat (and yes, your district's health code does require hats), partner taking a smoke break outside still wearing his apron, drive thru person eating a muffin behind the pastry case, and barista calling out drinks incorrectly. oh, so sad.

no, your partners weren't rude, but they were far from timely and they certainly didn't care about bux standards. when the barista called out "decaf latte" i had a feeling it was my drink. i did not, however, pick it up because my name was not called, nor did the barista mention the hazelnut or nonfat milk that was supposed to be included in my drink.

so i waited.

finally, when the other customers had taken their drinks and left, the decaf latte was the only cup left on the serving counter.
"what drink is this?" i asked.
"decaf latte," the barista responded.
"decaf grande hazelnut nonfat latte?" i specified.
"yeah," was the barista's answer.

please, oh please, learn how to call drinks. and please don't give the rest of us baristas a bad name.

partner rant: i know bux is selling cd's now, but the music you're making us baristas listen to is driving us insane. sure, it's cool to showcase new and established artists, but i swear if i have to listen to any more females shrieking or males emoting, i think i might go crazy. every once in a while you will pick something good, or even inoffensive to the ears, but most of the time it just seems like your trying to drive our customers out of the store. yeah, not exactly what i'd call inviting.


Ale8one said...

i read somewhere that the bux vp of music left his post citing personal reasons. i guess it drove him away too.

barista brat said...

yeah, ale8one - i heard about that too. let's see if the music gets better or worse as a result.

Anonymous said...

Dude, it's fucking coffee, get over it! It may be your life but i'm from Oz and i get annoyed if someone orders a freaking skim decaff capacinno! I think they're snobby as!Seriously... things are going way too far these days, get your fucking caffeine hit and get over it!

Not Perfect said...

Och, I used to work in a place where the music was just the most horrible selection ever! All my friends tell me that Avril Lavigne can't sing, and I had the firsthand pleasure of spending every single day finding out why they were so critical.