show me the mocha

my fellow barista brat relayed a priceless gem of story to me. i must pass it on, just because it so beautifully illustrates how stubbornness+stupidity=major attitude.

during an opening shift, there were only two partners on the floor. the morning rush wouldn't start for about an hour, and only a smattering of customers had actually entered the bux so far. fellow barista brat was on bar while the manager was on register. the manager had to answer a phone call in the back, leaving the barista alone on the floor.
customer walks in, orders a venti mocha and starts to look at the pastry case. since the barista had no register, she made the drink, then proceeded to ask the customer if she could get him something from the pastry case. "i'm lookin'!" was his gruff reply.

so, the manager comes back to the front line to ring up the customer. "i already paid!" he told the manager when she gave him the total amount due.
my fellow barista brat was not about to let this guy get a free drink.
"no you didn't."
"yes i did. i gave you seven dollars and you gave me a nickel in change! see! here's the nickel!" he pulled the coin from his pocket.

meanwhile the manager printed up the last five receipts to prove no mocha had been rung up, while the barista brat informed the customer that venti mochas don't cost $6.95, nor did she even have a register to ring him up.

"i don't care if it doesn't show up in the computer! i handed you seven dollars and you took it! i already paid!" he yelled again before leaving the store without his mocha. just as he reached the front door, he looked at the bag he was carrying. it was from the bagel place two doors down.

"oh!" he exclaimed. "i gave the seven dollars to the bagel place. i'm sorry. you're right - i didn't pay yet."
no doubt, sir. no doubt.

barista rant: why do you stand at the window near the bar seconds after ordering, eyeing every drink i make? and when i put whipped cream on a venti hot chocolate, you yell, "wait! i didn't want whip cream on my marble mocha macchiato!" when i inform you that this drink is someone else's, you still don't back down. "I don't want raspberry syrup in my drink!" you yell as i make (yet another person's) beverage. so i let you know that there are still three more drinks to make before i start yours, you give me a dirty look, like i'm lagging. lady, you just ordered five seconds ago! don't you remember waiting in line? finally, when i make your drink and hand it to you, you feel the need to verify. "is this mine? a marble mocha macchiato with no whip cream or raspberry syrup?"
what - you didn't watch me make it?


Robb said...

Micromanaging coffee customers. I love it. It's funny how closely I watch my own Starbucks idiosyncrasies now. I don't think I have any to speak of, actually. I'm either a short latte, or a tall double latte. I still get the strange looks from people in line when I order the short, and I've had a few register folks restate my order as a tall, and then I have to correct them which isn't fun.
I don't hit up the Bux that often, but now when I do I'm constantly watching the employees and customers.

barista brat said...

robb - to be the perfect bux customer you need to order your tall drink as a "double tall latte".
oh, and tip! then you'll be golden, haha.

Benny said...

A $6.95 drink?? With what, 2 pumps of Jack?? Not in 2006, at least.

Ambien strikes again! Hehe.

barista brat said...

yeah, the guy certainly wasn't on percocet.