bux is not full service

this morning, at my local bux, i saw a couple get up from their table and leave a hideous mess behind.
"Um, you gonna clean up your trash?" i asked (i was an incognito barista today).
"it's all good. they'll clean it up," was the dude's response.
"why don't YOU clean it up. this isn't denny's, you know.' yeah, although incognito i was still a brat.
"it's all good." he repeated as if it were more potent the second time he said it.
"suck it up and pick it up," i snarled to no avail.

what is wrong with you people? did you not see the three trash cans scattered around the store, as well as the two trash cans outside? have you ever, in you're whole bux drinking experience, been served at your table? did you walk in, sit down then have a barista walk over to you, take your drink order and then bring you your beverage? and after you'd finished did the barista then return to your table, present you with a bill and then hand you your change?

what? that never happened? you've never been to a full-service bux? damn straight! that's because the bux isn't a restaurant/cafe. if you took your drink and pastry to your table, then take its remnants with you when you leave. simple.

partner rant: yeah, so i know you were covering a shift today. and i'm sure this bux appreciated the extra set of hands. however, although this isn't the usual place you hang your apron, kindly refrain from having a lemon face when calling down the line. don't bark out "what drink are you ordering" without a hello and a smile. we don't want to start the day drinking a cup of your anger.


the Drunken Housewife said...

In general, anyone who says "It's all good" is an idiot. It's one of the most annoying phrases coined to date. There are many, many things in the world that are not "all good", and only a mongoloid would content otherwise.

SamSam said...

Ab Fab? I adore that. Sorry it took a year to say that.