something for (almost) nothing

bux, being the huge corporation it is, has it's share of non-fans. those that say "down with capitalistic pigs!" and others that absolutely refuse to pay more than a buck for a cup of coffee. this post is about the latter.

bux has a policy about refills. you only have to pay fifty cents for your refill, but the the "rule" is within the store/within the hour. that means you can't buy your cup of coffee on your way to work, then on your way home stop by bux and get a refill for fifty cents.


well, everyday there are those people that will do their damnedest to get that refill, even if the empty cup was fished out of the trash. i'm not a total bar nazi - i will most likely tell the person that for this time only i will give them the fifty cent refill and then proceed to inform them of the policy. usually this works. sometimes it does not.

what annoys this barista is when someone tries the refill trick umpteen times. fine, it served you well for a while, but now that we've caught on please cease and desist. i guarantee the whole of my bux knows about you, so it doesn't matter that you wait for a different partner to be on register. i've already given them our secret bux hand signals, and they will indeed charge you the correct price.

don't get mad or rude because we are doing our jobs. if you really want a cheap cup of coffee, you can always make it at home or get it at the office.

barista rant: if your credit card came up as 'declined' on our register, don't ask us to swipe it ten more times in the hopes that it will miraculously work. i understand it can be frustrating and embarrassing, but i promise you that repeated swipes will only give us the same 'decline' as the first time. please don't hold the line up while explaining to us that you paid your bill, or that your bank always screws you over. there's honestly nothing we can do if the register refuses to allow you to use your card, so please just accept it and give us another form of payment.


Ale8one said...

funny stuff.

1) as for the 'refill cheapies', some people just have too much time on their hands to scam out freebies.

2) others have 'bank account denial' or are hoping for a secret jeanie to fill it with money they should know they don't have.

Anonymous said...

We had a guy like that at our Starbucks-- only he used the same cup for WEEKS. To the point where he would repair it with red duct tape. No lie, he would bring in his grimey, duct-taped paper cup and actually drunk coffee out of it.

Anonymous said...

that's not entirely true with the credit cards. Twice this year a store has reported my card declined when I know I have no cash flow problems, and on the second swipe it's been okay.

jehara said...

whenever a card comes up declined i will go ahead and try it a couple of more times to see if it will work. if it continues to come up declined i let the customer know. and also, i can say i swiped it x times and it keeps coming up declined. then they apologize and hand me a new card. :)