i hate you but i crave you

you are unbelievable.

you stood in line for five minutes. you spent two minutes telling me that coffee bean makes a far superior ice blended product and that you're surprised they haven't run the bux out of business. and then you ordered your venti caramel frappuccino and slapped down your credit card as a form of payment.

umm, methinks there is a genius in my midst.

ok, not really. nothing even close to it. does it make any sense at all to sing the praises of another company's product, only to rack up your credit card (plus interest) to purchase a drink made by 'the enemy'? especially when there is a coffee bean just a few blocks away from bux? and a gloria jean's within walking distance? and some other independent coffee house across the street?

what - were you expecting me to defend our frappuccinos? did you anticipate a battle of ice blended wits? were you ready for me to make the best friggen' caramel frappuccino you've ever had in your life to win your loyalty?

sorry, but no.

you came, you paid, i made, you left. end of story. and guess what? you'll be back.

partner rant: throw your damn cups away! every time i come in for a closing shift, the backroom looks like a graveyard of talls, grandes and ventis! how hard is it to toss a cup in the trash? and it's not like one can't tell the cups are yours - they have your name on them for grounds' sake! you're just as bad as the customers that leave trash all over the tables before they leave. be considerate of your fellow partners and take care of your own garbage.


Ale8one said...

you should read waiterrant.org. he talks about similar stuff and the crazy psychology of customers. maybe you guys could compare war stories.

guerrilla blogger said...

the most common substances found in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity...and you get to see stupidity on a daily basis ... thankfully you write about it and we all get to enjoy it..

barista brat said...

ale8one - haven't checked out that site yet.
i'm sure he has more horror stories than he can count. i only have to deal with caffeine - i can't even imagine what it would be like to deal with food.