waiting in line

my bux is a very busy bux. especially on the weekends. it is usual for the line to go all the way to the front door, and we do our best to ensure the wait isn't too painful.

so, i'm curious as to the behavior of some customers who wait in those long lines. it would seem that if you had to wait a good five minutes just to place your order, you'd have spent that time figuring out just what it is you'd like to drink. right? makes sense to me.

what doesn't make sense is waiting forever in a line, then spending an additional two minutes reading the menu board deciding between having your usual and trying something new. meanwhile, those behind you who actually know what they'd like to order must endure you're excruciatingly slow decision making process.

i have a question. just what goes through your mind those five minutes you stood in line? i know it wasn't "hmm, what will i order today?" because i'm sure five minutes is more than an adequate amount of time to make a choice. is it "gee, why is this line so long?" or "i wonder if the back of my head is as pretty as the front?" or even "when i win the lottery...."

please, be productive. figure out what you want before we ask what you'd like to drink. the line will move faster that way.

customer rant: today i ordered a latte and you gave me a cappuccino. your excuse was that i asked for nonfat milk, and since nonfat milk foams much easier than regular milk, a nonfat latte by default will have more foam. "not if you let the milk settle" was my response. "you ordered nonfat milk" was your baffling reply. thankfully you tried again, and guess what? you let the milk settle and *poof* you magically made a latte. please don't argue with the barista brat and make up lame excuses as to why you don't want to make drinks properly. that will only ensure a "customer rant" in the barista brat blog.


aaronbrodkin said...

Yeah, not knowing what you want, and taking ten minutes to fish through your purse to find change, or a smaller bill are wholey unacceptable. Their like, "what, $3.40? Hold on, i think i may have 40 cents in here somewhere. hold on... hold on... no, i don't. Wait! yes i do, wait..., never mind, i don't. Can you break a $50?". Also, I have a question, we have a coffee machine in our office, yet everone goes downstairs to the the bux to get coffee, i really don't get it. I mean, our coffee machine makes all kinds of flavors and even lattes and stuff, yet i'm like the only one who uses it. what the heck is so great about bux coffee? All coffee tastes horrible unless you put milk an suger in it, so what they heck are these freaks at work going down eight stories to buy from the bux? Why?!?

barista brat said...

i've found bux isn't about drinking the coffee, it's about the experience. silly as it may sound, it's true. in fact, my friends don't say "hey, let's go get some coffee" they say "wanna get a starbucks?"
coffe bean, peets coffee, and seattle's best (which happens to be owned by starbucks) won't do. it has to be a bux.

also, the people in your office just might be lazy :)

Lee said...

you frickin rock.