bux don't babysit

bux is kid friendly. truly it is. we serve kid's cocoas, we have chocolate and vanilla milk, and we even sell those giant marshmallow squares that are ever so popular.

but there is a difference between kid friendly and babysitters.

i don't understand you parents that come into bux with your kids, order your drinks, then as you sit and enjoy your beverage allow your kids to tear up the store. they run around, grabbing stirrer sticks to play with, tossing equal packets, and dropping everything off our display etagere. they even break our espresso machines we have on display.

and what do you do? nothing. you sit there sipping your mocha valencia, never once telling your kids to behave.

when we round up the young'uns and bring them back to you, we are greeted with a sheepish smile and a "sorry". but then you let them run free again and the next thing we know there is a flood in the bathroom because they wanted to see how many paper towels would fit in the toilet.

i understand you want to relax. i understand you want to enjoy your bux. so does everyone else who comes here, so next time either control your kids or leave them with grandma.

customer rant: why do you serve expired coffee? i see the light blinking on the shuttle, i know it's more than an hour old. why did you not just re-brew? why aren't your timers set to tell you when the coffee is expired? and why do you go ahead and serve old coffee, even when you know you should dump it and re-brew. no, this is not to standard and yes, i will call you on it every time.


Alex said...

I completely know what you mean. This has been something ranted about in the store i'm at many a time.

jehara said...

parents do this everywhere! hotels, stores, you name it, they do it.

Amanda (ex-barista) said...

Well, at least there's a little justice in knowing that those smug parents are sucking back a venti cup consisting of whole milk steamed together with 10 pumps of syrup and topped with whip cream. The amount of syrup in one of those puppies always shocked me! :) Sad that Valencia's gone now.