tokin' in the boys room

the bux bathroom holds many secrets, i'm sure. during my frequent floor runs i've found: a lit cigarette, a used feminine pad on the floor (a good three feet from the trashcan), chinese takeout, hair trimmings, groceries, and puke - in the sink.

a lot goes on in there, a lot more than what the bathroom was intended for. the newest bathroom activity is joint smoking.

yes, because my bux is frequented by many, many jr. high kids who can't do it in the privacy of their own home. a car is out of the question as well because they haven't a driving permit.

nope, these kids were dropped off at the local shopping center by mom, and before she comes to turn them into pumpkins, they toke it up at the bux. not behind the bux, not in the empty parking structure near the bux, but in the bux.

why? i'm guessing it's because they get a a craving for frappuccinos after partaking of marijuana. oh, and the fact that they're losers who think they'll never get caught.

this trend hasn't spread to our neighboring smoothie and bagel shops, although honestly they don't clean their bathrooms as often as the bux does. who knew jr. high potheads were such sticklers for cleanliness?

i'm counting the days until one of our many cop customers go into the bathroom after one of the hemp homies. that should be a day to blog about.

barista rant: what part of "sorry, we're out of cinnamon powder" don't you understand? you didn't believe me, so you asked the register partner and they told you the same thing. this still wasn't good enough so you began rummaging through our condiment bar shelves, hoping to score some prime ground cinnamon. what? you think we told you there was none because we were saving it for someone else? maybe you thought there was some cinnamon shortage and we were divvying it out to only two or three customers a day. well, after your great cinnamon search you came up with nothing. nada. zilch. maybe you'll believe us baristas next time. or maybe you can start carrying your own stash of cinnamon powder from now on.


[sic] said...

Being someone with a serious 'Bux crutch, I love this blog.

I'm of the kind, patient, polite sort, but on a frequent basis am witness to a bevy of back slackers who pull the very things you discuss here.

I've added you to my blog. Hope you don't mind.

Benny said...

The last Bux I visited didn't have joints in the bathroom, but it did have ants...

The cinnamon powder thing- yes!! I had barista duty at the last place I worked, too, and I caught so many regulars going through our stock below the counter in search of things I'd just told them we didn't have. There was one woman who wouldn't even ask- I think she thought she lived there or something. She would take off her shoes and put her feet on the tables and yak on her cell phone for hours.

You know what -I- hate? People who tell you they want a refill so you charge them .85 for it, but then they grab a cup, after all. Freaking morons. One regular always tells me, "See, the problem is that you guys expect me to be awake enough every morning to actually remember my cup! Har har." Yesterday I grew a set and said, "Yes, you told me that last week, too." And I swear on a stack of Bibles I saw heads nodding in the line behind him.

barista brat said...

[sic] - thanks for the comment and the link.

b - yeah, it's like the definition of refill is totally lost on them. we have a guy that always asks us to double cup his refill. uh, duh - no way dude.

Ale8one said...

nice post - junior high junkies and cinnamon sugar junkies.

jehara said...

when i worked at bux we had honey thieves. people would literally grab handfuls of the honey packets when they only needed one or two. and then of course we would be out of honey. maybe they were afraid of the honey shortage so they felt the need to horde. but if everyone resisted the urge to do so, there wouldn't BE a honey shortage.

finally we had to move the honey behind the bar and dole it out to those who asked.