good riddance to bad rubbish

sounds horrid, but this barista brat becomes quite happy when a primadonna partner is told their services are no longer needed at the bux. not just the primadonnas, but also the pilfering and pissy partners.

unfortunately, during my time at the bux, i've seen more than my share of partners that can't/won't hang. their interview was great, they seemed enthusiastic and unafraid to put in a hard day's work, but once they're on the payroll they're as productive as jelly. so annoying!

it seems the idea of being a barista was more entertaining than the job itself. that's all fine and good. this job isn't for everyone. but if you know you hate it at the bux, if you know you're not willing to work, and if you know your fellow partners can't stand you because you refuse to work - then suck it up and leave.

if you choose to stay and make everyone's job harder, then fine. don't be surprised if we revel in each and every one of your write-ups. don't be shocked when we hand you the bleach and scrubbie and tell you to clean the drains each and every day. don't wonder why we will give you a chore and duty each and every time we see you slack.

bottom line: if you're receiving a paycheck, we will insist you earn it.

barista rant: you do realize we put names on cups to make it easier for you, right? that's so when we call your name, you know your drink is ready. so if i'm at the register and spell your name "sara" instead of "sarah" don't yell at me. sure, you can correct me, but please refrain from going off for two minutes about how everyone forgets the "h" in your name and how the last two times you went to the bux they neglected the "h" and now you're day is ruined because of a missing letter. a silent letter, at that. take a deep breath. calm down. your coffee will be more enjoyable if the veins aren't popping out of your head.


Ale8one said...

i remember an old manager told me one time that the best day you see from a new hire is their interview day. that rings very true.

barista brat said...

what sucks the most is when you know they are fully capable of doing a good job - they just don't want to.

monkeygaud said...

Interesting. Starbucks in Winnipeg (or Canada at all I think) doesn't put customer names on the cups. We manage well without them.

barista brat said...

hey monkeygaud -
when i started at bux we used to call drinks out, but we got so busy we had to start with the names.
i went to a bux in manhattan that had computer print outs that listed the drink and the customer's name.
so high tech!

Jazloo said...

My manager recently hired 6 new people for the holidays (christmas can get brutal for us mall-baristas) and she told me that she would be happy if she kept 3. Now we have 4.

And also, to new partners who dont like our BUX: DONT JUST NOT SHOW UP!! HAVE SOME BALLS AND COME IN AND QUIT!!! And when I see you somewhere else, dont say I was the only nice one and you were scared to show up...Effing coward...

jehara said...

in my experience even with the names on the drinks, people would still take the wrong drinks.