grande attitude

this morning, at my local bux, i witnessed one of those customers from hell. one of those people that just waits for the opportunity to go off on someone.

situation: register barista misunderstood order, marking only one shot for crabby customer's venti latte, not an extra shot.
barista on bar made drink to order. crabby customer, upon hearing there was only one shot in her latte instead of three, decided to go off on barista at bar.

not a "hey, this was supposed to have three shots" or even a "i paid for an extra shot so don't stiff me".

crabby customer decided to channel all her pent up rage and anger with a "you need to learn what a latte is before they let you on bar! how hard is it to put an extra shot in my drink? is there someone back there that actually knows how to make drinks? is your manager here? i can't believe this!"

yeah, i couldn't believe it, either. this lady made a total scene for absolutely no reason, bitching the whole time while her drink was being remade. finally, when her latte was made to order she left bux - still bitching on her way out.

"i hope you made all those shots decaf," i said to the barista brat on bar when he handed me my drink.
he winked in response.

barista rant: why, oh why, do you respond "no" when we ask if you'd like room for cream in your coffee, then proceed to empty four ounces of your coffee into the trash can to make room for the milk you're about to put in? why? is it a control issue? are you afraid we will leave too much room? it can't possibly be fear of us leaving too little room because you've already demonstrated your ability to empty hot steaming coffee into the trash. so, what is it? is there some sort of adrenaline high that occurs when you make room for cream? or are you just being annoying?


jehara said...

i used to HATE when people did that! do they not understand the concept of plastic does not hold liquid well? that it is going to be a big leaky mess when it is changed? ugh.

Ru La Re Jo said...

I know it's almost two years later, but I'm a new reader going through, and just had to comment. My Dad does this very thing, but he explained it to me: He's asked for a grande amount of coffee in a venti-sized cup, but they insist on charging him for a venti "to make up for the cost of the cream". So he started ordering grandes and pouring out just enough to put his cream in.

Not trying to argue, just offering a possible explanation. Sorry again for it being two years later :)