but last night you said it would be free!

working at the bux, you see scamming trends. as you can probably well guess - this barista brat is not a fan of the scams. especially when they aren't clever or well thought out.

the latest batch has been really, really dumb. the claim is the scammer left their purchases behind, or their multiple drinks were made incorrectly, or they forgot to take their ground beans with them, but as luck would have it, they called the store and were guaranteed their purchases/drinks/beans would be refunded or returned the next day.

normally they start with an "i called last night and the guy working said you'd hold my four mugs for me and i could pick them up today" or a "last night when i called they said i could have a refund for my five lattes that tasted bad".

i guess this must work as some bux out there, but it doesn't work at mine. with a simple glance at the week's schedule, i can deduce that the caller is indeed a liar. when i inform them that there were no guys working the previous night so they must've called a different store, they bluster. when i tell them that i was the only person working the night before that could have promised any sort of refund, and they certainly didn't talk to me, they bumble about talking to "someone".

one guy even called pretending to be fleetwood mac's tour manager, claiming the beans he bought at my store had a hair in them and he was so embarrassed that stevie nicks was witness to this debacle. well, i'm not a fan of fleetwood mac, but i was savvy enough to know they weren't anywhere near my bux at the time this guy called.

it's pretty clear: as long as there is bux, there will be people trying to scam the bux. i accept it, but they must accept when they've been caught.

barista rant: are you blind? did you not see me at the condiment bar changing the trash? was it not perfectly obvious when i said "excuse me" so i could remove the trash from the bar and change it? i know you saw and heard me. so why, while i was in the middle of a trash change, did you dump your nowhere-near-empty cup into the hole where the trash used to be? are you really that much of a dolt, or was it some form of customer passive aggressiveness? be observant. it's not that hard.


Benny said...

Be thankful you don't have to deal with frequent buyer cards. I've lost count of how many times my regular customers say, "Could you stamp it twice? The girl forgot to do it yesterday." I'm like, "Um, that girl was ME, sweet cheeks." And these are usually the customers that get for a plain ol' cuppa joe when the card clearly says ESPRESSO DRINKS. Not that they would know the difference, but still.

barista brat said...

we did the frequent buyer cards ONCE as a promo. yeah, that was truly a nightmare.
so sorry you have to deal with that all the time.

Benny said...

Starbucks doesn't need to do stamps. People either have the need or they don't. If you get as far as the door, you have the need. You will pay the four dollars. You will do it again the next day. Heh.

guerrilla blogger said...

wow, fleetwood mac's manager? that is hilaroiusly lame, who the fuck would come up with THAT?!?!?!?