you are the weakest link, good-bye!

i've ranted about an idiot partner many times before but today really takes the cake.
not only is she slow, lazy and dumber than dirt - she absolutely refuses to do her duties, even when she's reminded a hundred times per shift.

"please unload the sanitizer", "fill the whipped creams", "do a floor run" are all phrases that have to be repeated to her at least five times before she actually takes action. of course she doesn't do any of them properly and has a sour attitude to boot. she's been with bux for three stinkin' months and still doesn't know how to make a latte! basically she's collecting a paycheck for doing nil.

so today when i had to yet again remind her of her duties, she responded by leaving the floor and going to the backroom. for ten minutes. i was then informed by my manager that idiot partner was in the backroom crying because i "yelled" at her.

how drole. anyone who knows me knows that i don't yell at people. it's because i don't have to. my manager then told me that idiot partner was quitting on the spot because she was no longer comfortable in such a "hostile" environment.
that's when my manager and i did a little happy dance because idiot partner voted herself off the island.

yes - work was a little bit harder because we were short a body but it was well worth it to never have to set sight on such a dumbass again.

barista rant: yes my bux is small. yes we have cabinets in the lobby because there is no space in the backroom. yes, we know it's inconvenient when we ask you politely if we can get into the cabinet behind your chair. but seriously, it only takes about ten seconds of your time. so why the attitude? why the bitching about "not being able to enjoy a simple cup of coffee"? why the rolling of eyes and the "do you really have to do this NOW?" when we explain that napkins for the condiment bar are located just behind you. guess what? there's a bux down the street with a huge backroom and no cabinets in the lobby. why don't you go there if we "hassle" you too much?


Benny said...

I've been training a girl to take over my morning hours and I wish SHE'D just vote herself off the island. She doesn't lift a finger the entire time I'm showing her things, and when the next employee comes in she practically attacks them with all this meaningless chit-chat about moving out her apartment, her mother being a bitch, blah blah blah. I'm really nice to people usually, but this girl gets on my nerves so early in the morning- I don't even smile anymore when she makes stupid jokes. When she says she has to go to the bathroom after only a half an hour, or get a drink, or "get off her feet," I don't say anything at all. I know she won't last because she's lazy and doesn't understand how to manage her time, and there's nothing anyone can say in any language or at any speed to make her understand how independent the shift really is. Besides all that, she smells. I want to yell at her to brush her gd'med teeth before she comes in!

Sigh. I think she's off this morning. It might just be a sunny day... :-)

barista brat said...

don't you wonder what goes through their minds (if anything at all)?
can't they plainly see that they aren't doing the work everyone else does? haven't they figured it out that one is supposed to WORK in order to collect a paycheck?
better watch out benny - next thing you know, she's going to accuse you of yelling at her, haha.
or she's going to say her environment is hostile to halitosis.

Benny said...

Yep, and she was off this morning! And she's off tomorrow morning! Happy day!

Personally, I'd feel GUILTY if I realized everyone was doing more work than me. But some people are oblivious.

Hostile to halitosis, indeed. Hmph.