when getting lei'd is bad

have any of you been in a bux today?
of course there's been a change-over to promote our new banana frappuccinos - but really, did bux have to go with the surfer/hawaiian motif? it looks like we're using all the rejected 'old navy' signage. truly unappetizing, and not at all what we should be going for (imho). we already sell a billion frappuccinos so it's not like we really have to market/whore ourselves out to the little mall trolls. do we?

my manager had the "brilliant" idea of doing a banana cheer everytime someone orders a friggen' banana frappuccino. she wants us to get all 'harujuku girls' and scream out B-A-N-A-N-A-S before we start blending those horrid drinks. thank goodness she didn't ask to borrow the banana suit from the smoothie people next door - but we will have to wear a giant yellow visor while we trudge through the shopping center sampling the new drinks.

the bux near me is forcing their baristas to wear hawaiian shirts, leis and grass skirts. let me just say "i wouldn't be caught dead..." it's sad to see their little faces with forced smiles, asking everyone if they'd like to try the new frappuccinos, then waddle away with their plastic skirt swishing behind them. not pretty on a 6'4" 270 pound guy, i assure you.

hopefully our next change-over will reflect what bux is truly about: pseudo intellectual middle-class snobbery.
i can at least handle that.

partner rant: yes, i know i asked for a 'tall roomy americano'. so why the hell did you leave my cup filled only half way with water? roomy doesn't mean half full. if someone asked for a venti drip with room would you only fill it half way? no! because that would be a tall drip in a venti cup! so don't get lazy on me, ok? just give me enough room for cream and i'll be happy.


Natalie said...

Your manager is bananas if she thinks anyone buying something at starbucks wants to have someone cheer at them. If anything, I think it would turn people off from buying the drink.

silversonic said...


I went to starbucks today - it didn't work out for me to go last week or whenever. Anyway, I had to go through the drive-thru because I just rolled out of bed and look like it.

My experience was good; the girl at the window was very friendly, and my 'red-eye' is wonderful (though I had to tell her what it was I was asking for -- coffee with a shot of espresso). Next time, I may venture into the actual store - imagine!

Something about Dunkin' Donuts is less intimidating, but we don't have them in this town (that I know of; but there may be one attached to a Baskin Robbins on the other side of town). But Bux are everywhere, and I need to be brave about entering them.

Thank you for helping with my order. I ordered a 'small' since I was told that the small is plenty big, so that helped. I saw all the tropical signs around the drive-thru and agree; very 'old navy-esque'. Thanks for your assistance!!!!

guerrilla blogger said...

your manager sounds like someone who will want you to wear at least 15 pieces of flair to show your dedication...

Marieta said...

If we had a Starbux, I would be in it!! I dont like banana flavour at all, not with milkshakes, not with sweets ,nothing... so I would save you the embarrasment of making and shouting the BANANA thing :-)
But if I did like Banana, and I would order the Banana frappuccino, it would be so embarassing to have everybody know what I order by staff shouting BANANA

Sam said...

Heavens. Shouting Banana? Yikes. I'm with Marieta here - That would ensure I ordered nothing more than a regular coffee, black, one sugar. Thank you.