i don't speak english

just to warn you all:
bux will be selling two more new frappuccinos, both containing banana sauce, coconut syrup and stupid little coconut flakes to go on top of the whipped cream.
that scream you hear is all baristas pulling their hair out and crying uncontrollably.

why bux? why?

what's funny is that different regions have different roll out dates. from bravemonkey i found out that canada had citrus cupcakes before part of the states. and from alex i heard that london has already started their summer promo and are currently serving banana frappuccinos (but without the coconut syrup and flakes).
london is actually where i first saw the caramel creme and strawberries and creme fappuccinos - almost a year before any bux in the states made them. but my favorite london bux story is when i tried to order an iced caramel macchiato and they wouldn't let me!

"we can't make that," super hip london barista informed me.
"why not?" i asked, genuinely surprised.
"because it's not on the menu," she stated.
"uh, well you have hot caramel macchiatos on the menu."
"yes, we can make them hot but not iced." london barista seemed not to see how idiotic her statement was.
"okay, why don't you ring me up for a hot one and just make it iced?"
"because it's not on the menu." she said again.
"all right," i said, but i wasn't about to give up on the iced drink of my choice. "i'd like an iced grande three pump vanilla latte with caramel drizzle on top. can you make that?"

london barista rang me up, not even realizing they were indeed making me an iced caramel macchiato. crazy london buxters!

barista rant: why do you bring in your filthy personal mug for refills? why can't you rinse it out once in awhile? is your sense of smell gone? are you not tortured by the pungent odor of rancid milk and coagulated whipped cream like i am? next time i'm not rinsing your cup. maybe a mouthful of grossness will teach you to clean your own damn cup.


Ale8one said...

bringing in your old, unwashed moldy mug sounds like a health violation to me.

guerrilla blogger said...

it sometimes amazes me that i can still get a "black coffee" without too much hassle...

Bravemonkey said...

caramel cream? We don't have those in Winnipeg!

Benny said...

The dirty coffee mug IS a bit annoying. For me, it's always the truck-stop types who look more put out by having to actually pay a person for their coffee (rather than dropping the change in a box or something?). They'll open the damn travel mug right in front of me, realize out loud that there's still last Friday's dregs floating around inside, and then kindly ask me if I can wash it out for them. I'm like, "I can run some hot water in it, but we don't have dish soap up here." I ain'tcher damn Merry Maid, men! I ain'tcher wife, and I ain't doing your dishes!

Alex said...

I loved the reference to the 'super hip london barista.'

And the banana frappacinos have caramel in them also (and therefore also have the caramel syrup on top). Annoying to make (well any frappacino gets annoying to make when you have a queue of them and only two working machines to make them) but thank god theres no coconut involved in its preperation!

Anonymous said...

in reference to the dirty personal cup...i had a woman come in once with her nasty cup...it was coated in rancid soy milk residue and dog hair...i went to rinse it out with hot water...hoping to at least wash off the top layer of crud...she looked over at me and said "you don't have to rinse that out..." if she hadn't used such a snotty tone of voice, i wouldn't have given her decaf!