leave the drama for yo mamma

why can't people leave their drama at home?
i work with a guy that is normally a super barista buddy. he works really hard, he gets along with everyone (including customers), and you used to never have to worry about him leaving you a crappy shift.

sounds like he's got his beans in order, yes?
well - no.
barista buddy turns into super-whiny barista baby when it comes to his girlfriend. he's moody, he's listless and he's in the backroom every ten minutes trying to call her and beg for her forgiveness.
it doesn't matter that all his friends have told him this girl is no good. it doesn't matter that his managers have told him his barista baby behavior is affecting his job, and impending promotion. none of that matters because he's "in looooooove!"

now, i wouldn't normally be bitching about this except for the fact that my schedule is being directly affected because of him. whenever girlfriend puts the pressure on him, he calls out on his shifts, or gets some newbie to cover for him, thus making my job harder. or if he can't call out, he spends the whole shift acting like his dog died and is totally useless.
some might think, "well, he's going through a tough time. don't be so hard on him." but can i just let you know that when his grandmother died, when his aunt was in a coma, and when his brother was in juvie he was a real trooper. sure, he wasn't chipper but he did his job and he did it well. so why can't he leave the drama at home now like he did before?

barista rant: it's bad enough you didn't order your drink correctly, but don't yell at me when i put whipped cream on your frappuccino! so, you forgot to tell the register partner that you didn't want whip. ok. so why are you yelling? and really, can't you just stop sucking the straw when you get to the whipped cream? it's a stinking frappuccino! the whipped cream won't melt into the drink! it just moves down the inside of the cup as you inhale your frappuccino. why, when i offer to scrape the whipped cream off the top, do you give me a sour look? you're the one who didn't order correctly and now you want me to make you a whole new drink because this one has whipped cream cooties? grow up!


Benny said...

We've got a girl like this (of course we do!) who fights with her mother on the phone before and during work. It upsets her to the point of tears, and I wanted to kick her ass for being so dramatic... until I learned she just turned 17. A child of divorce, who's taking it not-so-well. When we're busy, I still want to kick her ass.

silversonic said...

As always... love your blog. In fact, I talked about it at dinner tonight with husband and friends. I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow is THE day I will enter a bux and order the 'red eye' you told me about!!!! I have to head out of town to help my little sis pack up her things and move back home to Chicago and bringing her 'college furniture' here to fill my spare bedroom.
Can't wait for the coffee... Wish me luck!

Marieta said...

age is not the reason..I have a 35 year old that works with me. At least 2 times a week she has some kind of drama at home. During this time, she spends about 50% of her working hours on the phone, while the other 50% is used to explain her drama to all her other co workers.

Ale8one said...

i like what Marieta said! i know someone like that - 50% on personal drama on the phone, 50% explaining to co-workers.