sue happy people

thankfully i only hear the phrase "i'm gonna sue starbucks!" about once a month.
of course, each time i hear this i just roll my eyes. kind of useless to sue a multi-million corporation when you're the one at fault.

the first time someone threatened to sue my bux was after an older man burned himself. the idiot refused the drink tray i offered him and instead attempted to carry four lattes by himself to the table where his family was seated. his method was hugging all four drinks to his chest, which only resulted in two of the lids popping off and the hot liquid spilling on to his chest. immediately we gave him towels to clean himself up as well as a gel salve to help cool down burns. i filled out an incident report to send to the corporate office, all the while he and his family were threatening to sue us.
excuse me?
of course nothing ever came of this because the whole thing was obviously the guy's fault. but it still was annoying to hear them threaten legal action because of his stupidity.

just recently we had a woman threaten to sue, as well as charge us the cost of cleaning her vehicle because her raspberry latte stained her carseat. this woman didn't even place her drink in a cup holder. instead she just sat it on the passenger seat because it was "easier to reach". when she made a sharp turn her drink fell on it's side and some of it leaked out of the lid (you know - the hole people drink from). well, i guess the raspberry syrup didn't go so well with her beige interior because she wanted to sue. what a genius.

and then there's the father who wanted to sue us because his daughter doesn't know how to drink from a cup and spilled her kid's cocoa all over her nice cashmere sweater. who buys cashmere for a kid? of course he felt his daughter's inability to intake beverages was the fault of bux. when he realized screaming about dry-cleaning bills was getting him nowhere, he then changed tactics and asked for ten free drink coupons. uh, no.

can't wait to hear what the next "lawsuit" will be.

customer rant: your store is a pigsty! i can't believe how messy you guys are! i came in to order a drink but after seeing how dirty your counters are, how filthy your milk pitchers look, and how all the trashcans are overflowing i walk right out. i'm sure i'm not the only customer to do so. please, maintain the standard, ok?


Natalie said...

Yes, who buys cashmere for their kid? That alone is indication of "genius."

guerrilla blogger said...

well, i can tell you, i am alergic to dairy and coffee, and i am suing starbucks because when i ordered my triple tall vanilla latte with extra cream and then i put the half and half in it, i broke out in hives, and it's your fault. also, i left my expensive bike outside the starbucks, unlocked and unattended, for 2 hours while i sat around nursing a small coffee and it got stolen, so that is starbucks fault as well....

Sling said...

The story about the ruined cashmere sweater has affected me so emotionally that I feel my only recourse is to sue Bux,the father,sweater manufacturers,and Blogger..and George Bush..and the scary Burger King dude..I'm thinkin' a Bazzillion dollars..

Marieta said...

People will always take chances - really ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

A man wanted to sue a company because he received coffee as a gift from a friend. The man was highly allergic to caffeine and the store could not return the unopened product because he did not have the receipt. So he is going to purposely consume the coffee and die so his wife can sue the company. The man was offered to return the coffee as a customer service gesture for other products in the store. He was upset that he could not get a money refund. He was also told he could regift the coffee