who's on first

you won't believe it, but yesterday we had yet ANOTHER customer grabbing someone else's drink!

it was during a rush and i was marking cups for the register baristas. a customer ordered her drink and gave me her name - jen. then the next customer gave her order and her name also was jen.

"what's your last initial because we have another jen lined up." i said.
"oh, my last name starts with an 'h'". she replied.
"ok, you're 'jen h.'" i confirmed.

two customers later we had yet another jen. i asked for her last initial and it was 'p'.
so, there were drinks for jen, jen h, and jen p.

fast forward three minutes and i hear a customer yelling over at the bar.
"what the hell! i ordered a venti, not a tall!" one of the jen's was complaining to the barista.
"oh my god, i can't believe that girl gave me the wrong size AND put the wrong initial down! i told her 'p'! not 'h'!"
"um, i'm jen h." jen #2 piped up. "that's actually my drink."
"no!" jen p yelled again. "that girl specifically asked for my last initial and i TOLD her!"

the barista then gave jen p her drink and it was a full ten seconds before she realized that she was the idiot, not me. no apology to jen h, just an "oh, i figured that girl got it all wrong" before she sauntered out the door.

partner rant: don't lie to me! don't pretend that a barista called in sick one hour before his shift when he actually let you know two days earlier that he couldn't come in! don't tell me that there was no time to find coverage when you had TWO days! did you think i wouldn't find out that you screwed my closing shift over? did you think i wouldn't find out that you dropped the ball? dude, please don't insult my intelligence, ok?


Andrea said...

I had a fun time reading all the senarios of the bux....way to go...

Anonymous said...

OMG! so today, 3 customers in the same half hour took the wrong drink...i was not so nice and made sure to embarass them all publically. followed by a sweet, "don't worry, i got you."

Anonymous said...

oh ya, and today i only had to work a 9 and a half hour shift, and i only have to work 9 days in a row...why? because I'm a barista.

Natalie said...

There are way too many Jens out there. No way am I ever naming my kid anything that can be shortened to Jen.

Freaky Filly said...

yeah, never name your daughter jen (not trying to offend anyone named jen...i happen to like those i know).

Kore said...

Hey barista, I'm totally addicted to your blog. What baffles me about Starbucks is that, at least one time out of three, some other customer tries to take my drink. I always order a simple grande mocha, no extras or doctoring. And half the time some twit who ordered a crazy "half caf, half decaf percent blahblahblahdidityblah" takes my humble drink. Any insight?