i want your bux

to expound upon yesterday's barista rant, i'm offering a few more examples of when customers take drinks that don't belong to them.

incident #1
a woman ordered two white mochas - one for her and one for her mother. the barista called out the drink five times and waited fifteen minutes before dumping the them down the drain. about ten minutes later the woman walks up to the bar demanding to know why her drinks weren't ready yet. the barista explained that he believed the drinks to be abandoned, but was happy to remake them for her. again, she neglected to pick up the drinks when he called them out. by the time she got around to taking her drinks, there were two other drinks on the bar for two other people. of course she grabbed the wrong ones and took them back to her table. it was her mother who had to inform her that they weren't drinking white mochas (dumb lady didn't even notice!). she again comes back to the bar and yells at the barista for making the wrong drinks. when he pointed out that she had TAKEN the incorrect drinks - drinks that had other people's NAMES on them she gave him a dirty look and hissed "this is YOUR fault" before finally taking the drinks that had been remade for her.

incident #2
a woman ordered a mocha frappuccino. when I called out a mocha she grabbed it. it took her two whole sips before she realized the beverage in her hand was hot - and not iced blended. she came back to the bar, informing me that i made the drink incorrectly, that she had ordered a mocha frappuccino.
"is your name susan?" i asked her.
"yes," she responded with attitude.
"well, your mocha frappuccino is right in front of you. the drink in your hand belongs to someone else."
instead of apologizing, or even looking sheepish, she just placed the hot mocha on the bar and said "well, i only took two sips. they won't notice." before grabbing her frappuccino and walking out the door.

incident #3
a regular customer brought in her personal mug for her latte. when i called out her drink a man grabbed it and walked off. i literally had to chase him down and knock on his car window to let him know he had taken someone's personal mug, not his drink which came in the usual paper starbucks cup. how could this man not realize the plastic to-go mug that said "world's best mom" wasn't his?!?

partner rant: hello! put the damn caps back on the sharpies! you know that we use the sharpies to mark every cup. you know what a pain it is when a sharpie goes missing, or is totally dried out. so why the hell can't you put the cap back on before you leave your register to do a lobby? why is it so hard to put the cap back on when there's no one else in line? do you think it's there for decoration? do you really not understand that no cap means a dried out pen?


Sling said...

I seriously want a job as a "Bux Bouncer"...(and people say alcohol makes
you act like an idiot)

[sic] said...

Rant #1: Slap with stupid stick.

Rant #2: OMG! How about paying up?

Rant #3: Stop, thief!

Sam said...

Oh Dear.
This is humanity?

Marieta said...

Some people will ALWAYS think they are ALWAYS right...

Natalie said...

Not even a sheepish look? Ugh...What is our world coming to?

Oh, and I am totally with you when it comes to lids on pens. Drives me nuts.

barista brat said...

sling - i'd hire you in a heartbeat!

[sic] -
rant #1: i
rant #2: totally
rant #3: agree!

sam - unfortunately, that's the version of humanity i get almost daily.

marieta - too true!

natalie - yay! two for the "put the damn cap on the pen!" club.

guerrilla blogger said...

i want to walk around with a cup that proudly proclaims "worlds best mom"... amazing how sharpies and other pens, so small, so inert, cause us higher level living beings such frustration....

chris.h. said...

When I worked in retail I used to say that we could do the job a LOT better if we had no customers!! Can these people not just be put down!! You have my sympathy--I DETEST bad manners.

Anon #6 said...

Rant #3: "Take the wrong cup"...

The embarrassing thing is, when I come to Starbucks, it's usually first thing in the morning. Before my first cup of coffee (that's why I'm there). And you expect me to not only order correctly, but also to grab the right drink off the bar!?!?!? Aye, carumba!

Lee said...

People are such idiots.

I think you baristas should be prohibited from owning any sort of weaponry because you are surely going to go postal one day very soon.