hello, operator?

apparently my fellow barista brat and awesome assistant manager had the sunday night from hell. i think they both have temporary deafness due to the frappuccino blenders running all night long. but, admittedly, sometimes the worst nights produce the best stories.

case in point: last night's craziness made for a longer night of cleaning up. usually we bring in our outside tables and chairs about ten minutes before we lock our doors. on nights when there are still a ton of people hanging around the outside of our bux we might wait until after we've mopped the inside of the store before we bring in the outside furniture. and yes - we DO have to literally pull the chairs out from the asses sitting in them because most of our customers assume we are open for as long as they want us to be.
well, we're not.

so last night when my fellow barista brat kicked the loiterers off our patio, one of them decided to use his cell phone to call bux.

"uh, what time do you guys close?" the guy asked from right outside our locked door.
"actually, we closed almost an hour ago," my awesome assistant manager informed him.
"what time do you guys open in the morning?" the guy asked while standing right in front of our posted hours of operation.
"we will be open again at 5am."
"well, can i order a drink right now?"
"we're closed."
"well, i'm standing right outside." the guy said - like he was doing bux a favor.
"um, i know. i can see you."
"so, can i get a drink?" idiot guy asked again.
"sir, we're closed."
"well, doesn't starbucks have a 'just say yes' policy?"
"actually we do. but it's only in effect when we're OPEN." my awesome assistant manager let him know.

the not so funny part of this story is that the guy will probably call back later in the week to make a formal complaint with the manager. and he'll probably get a free drink out of it.

barista rant: if you're looking for a particular mug that bux used to carry it's fine to call stores and ask them if they have it in stock. but it is NOT ok to ask ME to call all the bux's in my district so you can locate your precious mug. and it's not acceptable to give me attitude when i inform you that i am too busy at the moment to rattle off the phone numbers of those stores. sorry lady, but i have a job to do and the ten customers in line get top priority over you, get it?


chris.h. said...

I know customers do make your life a misery but they really make me laugh!!! sorry!

Benny said...

Okay, we're starting a grassroots Just Say No policy for the service/barista industry. Because there are tons of us. And corporate can suck it. I'm so sick of Just Say Yes. Don't these people in offices realize they are BREEDING ENTITLED CUSTOMERS?? They'd get less complaints and have to dole out less free crap if they'd just start putting their foot down and stand up for the employees. This is what my sign is going to say: "Put Your Foot Down, Corporate, Or Mine Kicks Miss Entitled Customer's Ass!"


guerrilla blogger said...

i always wondered about the potential hearing loss over years of running those coffee making machines and such...

and why is it so difficult to understand that when a business is CLOSED, it is not OPEN FOR BUSINESS????

people are dumb...

barista brat said...

chris - i'm glad there's a silver lining!

b - pissed off baristas unite! it's true about corporate breeding entitled customers. just yesterday a woman asked for a "regular sized latte". when we gave her a grande instead of a tall, she complained. we refunded her the difference, let her keep the upgraded size and she STILL had the nerve to ask for a free drink coupon!

guerrilla blogger - indeed. people are very, very dumb.