when it's ok to hate baristas

today i scored a day off and i'm blogging from a bux i don't usually go to.
these baristas have it easy. not one customer in line and only about four of us in the lobby - all on our laptops.

so, in my bux, whenever there is down time, we stock, prep, do trash runs, clean counters, make change, and everything else that needs to be accomplished in order for our bux to successful.

want to know what the baristas are doing here?
one is leaning against the back counter, two are standing behind the pastry case talking about that "classic" film the davinci code and the other barista is doing 'the robot' to whatever song is playing right now.
yep - highly productive set, these baristas are.

these are the kind of baristas i hate. the ones that are lazy as all hell, don't give a bean about customer service, and have the audacity to deeply sigh when someone comes to the counter to order a drink.
um, hello but aren't you getting PAID to take orders and make drinks? i know that's what my fellow baristas and i are paid to do.
i also hate this type of barista because they will be the ones to screw you over for your closing shift. nothing will have been prepped or pre-closed, which means you won't get out on time because you're doing the work of the mid-shift before you - as well as your own duties.

i have no idea what sort of manager these baristas have, but they need a good apron whipping, that's for sure.

customer rant: don't friggen' argue with me about my drink! i asked for a tall roomy americano and you gave me an americano with raspberry syrup. "oh, see, they put an 'r' in the custom box, so that means raspberry," you told me. when i informed you that an 'r' in the SYRUP box means raspberry and an 'r' in the CUSTOM box means roomy, you just rolled your eyes. "that's not how we do it here." you said. um, excuse me but isn't YOUR register partner the one that marked the cup? so i guess they do indeed do it that way at your bux. well, everyone except for you, apparently.


Natalie said...

Ok here is something I'm trying to wrap my head around. You work at the bux and yet at times when you are not working there you are hanging out at another bux? You do not get enough of it already while you are there? =)

barista brat said...

haha, natalie.
i know, it sounds weird.
it's actually much easier for me to study/write/edit in a bux rather than in a library or at home. plus i get a 30% discount on whatever i order.

but i will NOT hang out at my bux. that's too much, even for me.

Sling said...

...just like I used to hang out at bars other than the one I worked at.

Freaky Filly said...

an apron whipping? hmmm. that's a new one. ;o)

7237161 said...

The Robot huh, He Should not quit his day job....or should he ?....nice blog had lots of laffs

Natalie said...

Ok, the 30% discount makes everything clear. =) Ha ha.

Beth said...

Tell it, Barista Brat! I'm spoiled; I frequent a great bux - but I get irritated when I hit a slack one.

Citymouse said...

What a great blog!!! I will never order my coffe the same again. (however my lil town doesnt have a you know what store-- so it doesnt really count except your blog rocks!

barista brat said...

sling - did you get a discount too?

freaky filly - after reading your blog today, i understand why you left a smiley face, haha.

digits - thanks for stopping by!

beth - i'm glad your bux is a good one. now please tell me they know your name!

citymouse - thanks for the compliment. my brain almost cracked when you wrote there's no bux near you! i can't even imagine going two blocks without seeing the siren.