brewing a cup of anger

at bux, we rebrew coffee every hour. i'm not sure often coffee bean, western bagel or peet's rebrews, but we do it every hour. of course, in the morning we rebrew many times within the hour.

so when an older guy came in today and asked us how old are coffee was, i honestly told him that it had been brewed twenty minutes earlier.

"so it's going to be bitter!" he exclaimed.
"well, no. it's our house blend which is actually quite smooth." i informed him.
"miss, when coffee gets old it gets bitter. you should know that since you work here!"
"i can let you sample it if you'd like, SIR."
"can you dump out that batch and start a new one?" he asked.
"no, that would be wasting coffee. i can do a french press for you if you want a fresher batch."
"i'm not gonna drink old coffee!" he said using big head movements to emphasize his remark.
"sir, it's not old. and a french press is as fresh as you can get."
"the other starbucks rebrews their coffee every fifteen minutes!"
"i don't believe that, but if you do you can certainly get your coffee there," is what i really wanted to say to him, but instead i just informed him that all bux rebrew every hour.
he ended up leaving and bitching the whole way out, only to come back in ten minutes and order a cup of coffee. didn't the foolio realize his coffee was now ten minutes older?

i really, really hate when customers think they know my job better than i do. i hate when they spew some major BS, thinking it's fact and feeling as if they've schooled me. and i especially hate it when they pull the whole "i'm a shareholder!" card, as if every single one of my partners isn't one! hello! that's why we're called "partners"!

customer rant: you're bux needs serious help! you have three people working the drive thru and one person for the cafe. that means she not only has to ring up customers but she has to make the drinks as well. sure, that's fine and good if there's only one person in line, but today there were three people ahead of me. learn your deployment! take care of your cafe customers!


Sling said...

Yours is one of my favorite blogs!!..When it comes to "beverages" customers are the same whether it's liquor or coffee.....No kidding..That guy would rather spend 10 extra minutes telling you how much better fresh coffeee is than actually get a fresh cup..priceless!

Tom said...

Oh the humanity. Doesn't it all just make you want to go live in some monastery where everybody has taken a mortal vow of silence?

Ale8one said...

it reminds me of some scenarios i've seen at work. there are some people who would rather complain about something and waste time, when they could have gotten something done in the time in takes to complain and waste energy.

in this case, all the guy had to do was either accept 20-minute old coffee or move on.

guerrilla blogger said...

hahahahah, the best part is, he had to come back...that had to be somewhat uncomfortable...

[sic] said...

I'm really feeling out of the loop these days. I think I need to visit my nearest 'Bux if not for any other reason than to internally laugh at the idiocy of others.

Hey! Do you think laughing at someone else for a change would help my current situation? You know, a redirecting of angst and depression at the cost of another's stupidity?

Benny said...

Nothing (other than cell phone orderers) pisses me off more than being schooled. Where I'm from, it's usually some middle-aged man whose self-esteem is so far down the toilet that he ratches it up beyond Hitler-hubris just to tell me, "That must be your drop cake. The one they sell the next day."

"Everything gets thrown out or donated at the end of the night, sir."

[Knowing grin.] "Sweetheart, I'm a baker. Every place has a drop cake."

[Choose Your Own Adventure Ending:] "Shut the fuck up, clown! If you want an application, all you gotta do is ask!"

-And don't I totally know it about ordering shitty drinks from your partners. We have a few thick skulls who come into their OWN store to order the most precious concoctions. They giggle, knowing what pains in the asses they're being. "I know you're going to hate, me, BUT." And then they look at me like I'm supposed to just manager it off their tab. Like hell! I can't even order a cappucino without the guilt driving me to make it for myself!

Marieta said...

Some people were born to complain - I wonder what made him change his mind to come back and have a cup of 30 minutes old coffee?

barista brat said...

sling - thanks for the compliment!

tom - yes, on some days that's exactly how i feel.

ale8one - i've never worked in an office. if people act just like this guy, then i never want to, haha.

guerrilla blogger - funny thing is, he acted like nothing ever transpired!

[sic] - i think it might help indeed! i can't help it - stupid people always make me feel better about myself.
wait, do i mean "better" or "superior"?

b - "...beyond Hitler-hubris..." i so want to use that line one day! yeah, the ipod ordering is only slightly less annoying than on the phone ordering.

marieta - i think you're totally right about that! thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

You are bux?
As a whole I enjoy the blog,
But you're so critical of everyone.
I'm sure some of them deserve it,
But how can you complain about someone being upset when nothing at "you're bux" seems to make you happy, and in fact, sets off a blog about how much you hate these people?