want some sugar, sugar?

we have this regular customer who is very nice, but very odd as well.

miles orders a grande drip with room everyday - sometimes two or three times - sits at a table and people watches for hours. what makes him a little odd is that he always has a goofy smile on his face while he watches the customers in my bux.

one day while i was doing a trash run, i saw miles put a note on someone's car in the parking lot, then run away before he got caught. i thought it strange but quickly forgot about it.

that is - until one of my loyal customers came in and asked me about miles.
"who is that guy that sits here and smiles at everyone?" she asked.
"oh, that's miles. he's here everyday." i told her.
"well, yesterday i found a note on my car, stating that i smiled at him when i walked into bux, that he thinks i'm gorgeous and he wanted to know if i was single. he even left his phone number."

a couple days after that ANOTHER loyal customer came in telling me the same thing. but the funny thing was he had left the exact same note on her car a year earlier at a different bux. it seems miles likes the ladies. and he likes to leave notes. and apparently it worked because last night he came in with his girlfriend.

mind you - at first we all thought it was his mother because of the age difference, but i'm pretty sure no one kisses their mother with tongue. at least not in public.

i guess the lesson here is persistence pays off. either that or beware of smiling coffee drinkers.

partner rant: don't say "i'm sorry! i apologize!" when i ask you to do something correctly. hey foolio - i'm not looking for an apology - i'm looking for you to do things the right way. if you're getting tired of me telling you the standard way to write cups, make drinks, etc. - then do them correctly in the first place and you'll never hear a peep out of me. but if you continue to screw things up, you can bet your tip money that i will be right there to point you in the right direction. your choice.


Benny said...

We have a Miles. His name is Jay, and he drives a boxy BMW from the 70s that looks like Jaws ate the paint off and hurled it back up on Clearwater Beach. He orders the same thing twice a day, and then he just stands there smiling at me. And all the other girls. And old ladies. And children. He's very sweet, but so help me if I EVER see his tongue in someone else's mouth. ;-P

Sling said...

1.As an avid womanizer in my youth,I can somewhat relate to the"Play the Percentages"approach of Smiley Guy..somewhat,..anyway,...
2.I'm with you on your feelings about Mr./Ms. apologetic...If "I'm sorry" is what you say BEFORE you do it again,then please,...SPARE ME!

chris.h. said...

brilliant--go Miles--Im going to try his method!! I go into bux about 4/5 times a week,but I'm not snogging ANY grannys!!!!