iced temper tantrum

this story comes courtesy of my local bux:

a customer came in and asked for an iced green tea. at bux the tea is brewed double strength so we add water and ice to it. we also ask customers if they would like their tea sweetened or unsweetened. this customer was very precise in how she ordered her tea: no sweetener, no water, easy ice.
that meant she was getting double strength tea and not very many ice cubes. simple, right? pretty self-explanatory.
however, customer became angry when taking her first sip of green tea the way she ordered it.

"this tastes awful! it's too strong! it's not supposed to taste like this!" she yelled at the baristas.
the baristas at my local bux tried to explain that it would taste different if ordered the regular way, but she wasn't having any of it.
"i'm not paying for this! this tastes terrible!"
so the baristas offered to brew a special cup of iced tea just for her. the only problem was it would take four minutes for the tea to steep.
"what! you're going to make me wait even longer! this store sucks! i can't believe you don't know how to make iced tea!"
so the baristas had no choice but to refund her money.

when the ex-customer left the store (still bitching, by the way) she wanted to demonstrate just how upset she was about the iced tea - so she kicked the large glass door on her way out: shattering it.

yes, this customer threw a tantrum and broke the glass door at bux. luckily it's a safety glass door, so although the glass was damaged beyond repair, it didn't come crashing down in shards. if it had i'm sure the bitch customer would have sued!

partner rant: i always set you up for success on your shifts, so why the hell don't you do it for me? nothing is prepped or cleaned which means my shift will be even harder because i'm doing the work you didn't do. and then you have the nerve to tell me it was a slow day and you were bored. bored!?! don't you know the barista motto? "if there's time to lean, there's time to clean!" learn it, love it, live it.


Benny said...

Are you shitting me??? Your Bux is a battle zone! Do your aprons come in grass green or camo-green???

Or green-tea-green?


silversonic said...

Your workplace is amazing. I just can't believe it; and I can't even imagine what I would think/do if something like this happened at the salon (broken door especially, because the bitching about stuff they ASK for happens nearly everyday). WOW.

Great blog as always!

Bravemonkey said...

haha, good story. We had an awesome customer today too. Not awesome enough to break glass though - Hope you don't mind if I tell it!

I was on bar so I didn't hear what the customer said, but my coworker told me afterwards.

This woman came in and ordered a soy tazo chai 'as hot as possible'. The barista on counter started telling her the pretty standard 'up to the barista on bar how hot for safety, it could burn and splash' and so forth. The woman then cut her off, proceeded to tell her that she orders this drink all the time this way, and then added 'if he gets burnt, that's what his insurance is for'.

All I can say is, I'm glad I didn't hear her say any of that!

Ale8one said...

what a baby! you must get some of the most bored, frustrated people in your store.

guerrilla blogger said...

how do you go a day without just punching someone? HOW?!?!?!?

[sic] said...

I've not visited one of my many local 'Bux for about two weeks now, but in simply catching up with your blog, I so terribly miss the environment. And when will I see a boxing ring in a Southwest 'Bux? I'd love to see a Barista's vs. bitchy customers bout.

Sling said...

O.K..If she ever stepped foot in the joint again I'd slip her a "Murine Mickey" so fast she wouldn't have time to make it to the bathroom before crappin' in her designer jeans..

silversonic said...

Sling--- LOVE IT!!!!

barista brat said...

i'm figuring her husband must have cut her allowance or something so she felt the need to destroy the door.
i bet it makes sense in her world.