enemy within

there's an unwritten rule between bux partners. i learned it my first week working for bux, and i've made sure to pass it along to every newbie that comes through my store.

the rule is: never, under any circumstances, does a partner go to a bux other than their own and order a frappuccino. never.

this might sound dumb, or even seem like a non-issue, but it is very, very serious indeed. baristas don't like making frappuccinos because they are time-consuming, messy and loud. of course, bux makes a huge profit off these drinks and promotes them to no end, so our shifts are spent in "frappuccino hell". once you get stuck in the frappuccino corner - you're there forever.

because we hate making the drinks, we have a code to never order one from any bux we might visit. most partners are very good about abiding by this rule. some, however, refuse to.
not only do they order blended drinks, but they customize them to the point of stupidity! one pump raspberry, two scoops java chips, half an espresso shot, whip cream on the top and bottom, caramel on the sides of the cup, half creme base and half coffee base, double blended, mocha affigato style - and all at a thirty percent discount.

my bux makes a point to remember these partners. we make a point to remember what bux they are from. we make a point to let them know that their drink is ridiculous and they should know better.

barista rant: turn your damn ipod off when ordering! don't stand there and wait 'til the song ends before giving me your order. don't sing along to the music when i ask you what size you want. don't wave me away when i tell you how much the total is. guess what? bux is not the place to audition for those itunes commercial, so shut the damn thing off!


Ale8one said...

nice rant brat!

i never realized other partners could come in and customize orders to infinity. it seems like they would advise against that in orientation.

Bravemonkey said...

hm. I've never heard of that rule here, and it does happen.