i am absolutely dreading going in to work tonight. i know it's just going to be a repeat performance of last night: a billion customers going to/coming from the da vinci code and ordering twice as many frappuccinos. ugh.

i've ranted several times about frappuccinos, but ever since we've added banana and coconut it's gotten even worse (if you could imagine). the problem with the banana is that it can (and is) incorporated into any type of existing frappuccino. before, in a line of ten blended drinks, you would usually have about three caramels, two java chips, two mochas, a vanilla bean, a plain coffee and a strawberries and cream.
believe me, that was bad enough.
now it's a banana coconut, caramel, banana caramel, strawberries and banana, mocha, banana mocha, mocha coconut with banana, banana creme, double chocolate chip with banana, yadda, yadda, yadda.
every frappuccino is different with a different topping which means it takes even longer to prepare and serve them - which in turn means angrier customers.

i actually feel sorry for the customer who tries to give me attitude tonight. i'm already at my limit with the billion different blended drinks bux now offers, all i need is some idiot with complex to say the wrong thing to turn me into vesuvius.
can't wait!

partner rant: as if the stinkin' banana frappuccinos weren't bad enough! now you're forcing me to listen to the dixie chicks while i work my shift. what are you doing?!? do you WANT me to go postal? do you WANT me to scream with frustration at the noise you impose on me? whatever happened to the good old days when you played madness, morcheeba, mc solaar, manu chao and bob marley? i even loved the classical cd's! but ever since you decided to be best friends with alanis morissette, the music sucks. i hate you hear music. i hate you.


Tom said...

I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But...bananas and coffee? Stripping away the Bux marketing of it all, can you imagine making yourself a cup of coffee at home and actually, willingly, not because somebody was threatening to kill your cat if you refused to do it, mashing up a banana in it? Gird yourself, Barista Brat. Avocadoccinos are a' comin' down the pike.

silversonic said...


I must admit; I like the Dixie Chicks (they are one of maybe TWO country acts I can appreciate)... but I'm right with you on being FORCED to listen to music that you hate while working. My salon boss sees nothing wrong with having the RADIO on and other times (especially in the mornings) NO MUSIC. How embarrassing... it's like, 'if you want music without commercials -- or music at ALL, in some cases -- while you are getting your hair cut, that's going to be extra!'

Marieta said...

For you sake, I hope this "bananaramadrama" will end soon!! It will drive me through the walls if i have to listen to music I dont like - GOOD LUCK!

Natalie said...

I had no idea banana could be so popular. It just doesn't seem like it would go well.

barista brat said...

tom - you crack me up! "avacadoccinos" is hilarious.

silversonic - do your clients tip for good music? ;)

marieta - thank you!

natalie - it's insanely popular. people are coming up with the weirdest combinations! i think the worst one yet is an espresso banana toffee nut frappuccino.