i'm sorry i've been lax with the posts as of late. i wish i could say that my bux has been perfect, leaving nothing to rant about, but unfortunately that isn't true.

in fact, there is much to bitch and complain about, but i have been too overwhelmed with looking for coverage/training/calling people in early/calling other stores for product/dealing with mismanaged schedules/dealing with unhappy customers to post.

for that i apologize. i can tell i need a mini-holiday of sorts because my frustration level is reaching its maximum. i'm getting to the point of not wanting to go to work, even if i'm scheduled with a bomb ass crew. i can feel patience has run out and i fear going off on the next customer that tells me their drink "just doesn't taste right".

i'm hoping these next few days will be better because all the managers (including mine) will be at the leadership conference. not really a 'cat's away, mice will play' situation, but slightly more relaxed nonetheless. here's to hoping we don't run out of espresso like we did last weekend.

guest ranter, shannon: Although my rant is rather trivial in comparison to my fellow customer's sandwich grievance, I am curious as to why 'Bux lingo isn't taught throughout the organization. While on a jaunt through California this past week I decide I needed a caffeinated fix so I went to a local small town 'Bux. I ordered my usual and requested that it be melted. This stumped the Barstonian Barista so much that I - the customer - had to tell the employee what I was referring to. This isn't the first time this has happened, so... what gives?

it's true, because of the constant turnover, the lingo (which SHOULD be key) is lost everytime a partner leaves. i feel your frustration, i really do. 80% of the time i ask for an 'old school' americano, i'm met with a dumb look and a "huh?". that's why i always try to educate my fellow partners, but as you already well know - i'm one in a million! it really sucks when the customer has to educate the employee, but it happens.


Benny said...

Aaaw. You do need a vacation. Too bad you didn't just get a job at Northwest, or you could fly anywhere you wanted.

...And, for, like, two seconds, the massive-glam-crush stretched to include Tom Jones.

It's not unusual? ;-)

Bravemonkey said...

I was recently taught what 'ristretto' meant by a customer - I had no idea. The barista I was working with knew though. Regardless - it's _good_ if the customers can teach us something new.

I'm not ashamed that I don't know things (like what an 'old school americano' is) - nobody's taken the time or effort or have the knowledge in my store to teach me (possibly - I really don't know what other baristas know if they don't say).

You shouldn't be sad that we don't know, but you should be happy to share your knowledge with us, since it doesn't seem to be too high on Starbucks 'todo with new baristas' list (and I say this after being employed part time for 5 months already).

[sic] said...

I suppose bravemonkey has a point. Damnit! I need a new rant now.

Benny said...

Brat, read this! I promise it has very little to do with a devil wearing Prada. :-)


Benny said...
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Benny said...

Blogger hates me. Again.

Go to Gawker.com

Then scroll down to the Remainders bit for June 29th (it would be the first thing on your screen right now).

Then find the Devil's Assistant bit. Click on the link. And read the piece while pumping your head up and down vigourously in agreement. :-)

guerilla said...

this has nothing to do with anything, but....

holy crap, ullrich and basso were pulled for aleged doping...can you believe it?!?!? this sux like a chest wound, however, perhaps my man cunego has a chance...

i'm saying this here to you only cause you are the only one i know who actually cares and knows what i'm talking about....

Natalie said...

What you need is a day of pampering. It won't make you like work any better, but you still need it. =)

barista brat said...

b - i checked out that article. can i say that when i grow up i want to be a lazy version of nicole ritchie?
ok. so that 's a bold faced lie, but still - that article made me think i'm working too hard, haha.

bravemonkey - i no longer explain what ristretto or longo mean anymore since we no longer have the manual bars. it's impossible to make a shot ristretto or longo on our automatic bars.

shannon - just make sure your bring your rant here!

guerrilla blogger - WTF!!!!! i just read velonews.com and saw that poor vino won't be able to race since five of his team mates were on that list.
can i say that i'm not surprised if basso doped, but ullrich does surprise me.
and i have no idea where the hell i was when axel merckxx left the belgian team for phonak!
you must email me so we can discuss the tour! brat_barista@hotmail.com

natalie - i'm thinking an hour massage should do the trick ;)

Sling said...

Seems there may be a universal lack of blogness during the Summer months..Probably a cyclic thing,like getting fed up with work..

Beth said...

I get weird looks in different cities when I order my (Atlanta lingo, I guess) triple grande nonfat latte.

And I'm so jealous that guerilla blogger showed back up in your comment box.