bizarre bux

odd conversations i had today:

barista buddy: "hey brat, will you come to the bathroom with me?"
barista brat: "uh, what?!?"
buddy: "come to the bathroom with me, i need you to take a picture of me in my bux apron."
brat: "why do we need to do it in the bathroom?"
buddy: "because all i'm going to be wearing is my apron."
brat: "what the hell!"
buddy: "yeah, it's for my myspace page."

customer: "hey, can i get a discount if i know how to make my drink?"
barista brat: "excuse me?"
customer: "yeah, if i know the drink recipe, do i get a discount?"
brat: "um, no."
customer: "well, that's not really fair!"
brat: "are you kidding me?"
customer: "if i say yes will you give me a discount?"
brat: "no."
customer: "well, it was worth a try."

customer comes in loudly strumming a guitar (and poorly, i might add).
barista brat: "i'm sorry, but you can't play your guitar in here."
customer: "why not?"
brat: "because it's loud and annoying and i won't allow it."
customer: "fine, if you're happy with being a cog in the corporate america wheel."
brat: "sure, use whatever reason you want - just stop your noise pollution."

barista rant: how hard is it to throw your damn straw wrapper in the trash? the trash can is located right in front of you when you collect your drink! why do you feel the need to leave the wrapper on the serving counter when it takes .003 seconds to toss it in the trash? you know, the trash can that is DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOU when you peel the wrapper of your damn straw. am i really asking too much of you? honestly, i don't think so. why don't you think of it as a game, ok? i'll even give you high five if you succeed.


Beth said...

So, did you take the MySpace photo?

Anonymous said...

For a minute there I thought your barista buddy wanted you to Hot Box with them...

Benny said...

Yeah. The MySpace thing is a tad creepy. And funny.

The straw paper thing (Splenda packets, wooden stir sticks, wadded napkins, etc.) is just annoying. I always feel sorry for the mothers of those people.

Sling said...

Ummm...What was that MySpace URL?