penny for your evil thoughts

this might seem like a minor issue - but it pisses me and my fellow baristas off to no end.

hmm, what could something so small, yet so rage inducing be? well, i'll tell ya: it involves my non-deserving assistant manager and cash.

mr. non-deserving is a nice guy, truly he is. in fact he's so nice that he likes to help out our customers when they're a little short on cash for their drinks. yup, this guy likes to be the bux superhero: "what? not enough pocket money for your addiction? never fear! non-deserving assistant manager is here!"

you might be wondering what is wrong with a guy who will donate some of his cash to a customer who forgot their wallet, who doesn't have enough quarters or who refuses to break a twenty. honestly, nothing is wrong with that.
what's wrong is using OTHER people's money to do it!

here's a little back info: at bux managers do not earn tips. nor are they supposed to handle, look at or think about our tips. they get big money bonuses and we get around a nickel per transaction.
that's why it's so upsetting when our non-deserving assistant manager pulls money out of our tip jars to help someone pay for their drink. yes, he just looooves to go fishing around for the odd quarter and dime so some spoiled housewife doesn't have to ruin her manicure by picking out change from the bottom of her louis vuitton bag.

what's really sad is mr. non-deserving would rather get a smile and thank you from a collagen and botox injected woman rather than have the respect of his baristas. when we let him know that taking money out of the tip jar is decidedly un-kosher, he just laughs it off and says "gee guys, it was only thirty cents!" then proceeds to do the very same thing ten minutes later.

mr. non-deserving is already on thin ice. you'd think he'd be smart enough to leave hit mitts off our cash.

barista rant: i know it's hot. i know you're thirsty. i know that you'd love a glass of water to go with your ice cream/smoothie/bagel that you got from some other store in my shopping center. so why the hell do you come to me while i'm at bar making a billion drinks and ask me for water? why do you feel it's perfectly ok to demand water from bux when you haven't even spent a dime? and you expect all my PAYING customers to wait for their drinks while i snap to attention and fetch your water. i'm sorry dude, but you are not my top priority.


Chell said...

That would piss me off as well.

Can you complain anonymously to someone higher in rank than mr. non-deserving?

Or perhaps you should be clever and paste mr. non-deserving's picture on a separate tip jar labeled "charity" or even be really juvenile and tape a sign on his back saying "Please Toss Pennies At Me"

Natalie said...

Oooh that guy would make my blood boil. Can't you complain to anyone higher up? Surely stealing tips is a punishable offense?

Just take him outside and beat him up.

Sling said...

okay...now you just hit on a real issue with me!..That punk has NO RIGHT to even think about your tips.He's stealing from you just as if he put his hand in your pocket.I swear the next time he does that I'd call him on it out loud and in public.."Do you MIND if I decide how to spend my OWN money you thieving bastard!!"..

Freaky Filly said...

hide the tip jar from him. smakc his hand like a bad child. do something! for crying out loud, where will it end?

guerrilla blogger said...

thanks to you i went into a starbucks, three times. i got the java chip blended coffee, it was tasty. i thought about all the things you wrote about, thought about being one of those morons, for the humor in it, but i just couldn't do it. i was pleasant, direct, and tried to make the barista's life a smidgen easier, if possible. if they appreciated my kindness and ease (which i think they took for granted) they have you to thank....

Anonymous said...

BB, u know I agree with all of them above...talk to ur asm or ur sm..35 cents might as well be 35 dollars....foolio

jehara said...

wow, i can't believe he pulls from the tip jar? does the store manager know about this? and what a pissy attitude he has. 35 cents does indeed add up if you're doing it every ten minutes.

i hope you got this situation resolved.