effin' friday nights!

tonight was another friday night from hell.

some of the highlights:
- remade about fifteen drinks. all because each customer asked for them "iced" when they wanted frappuccinos. and yes, each time we did indeed ask "do you want ice cubes or do you want it blended like a milkshake?" of course they insisted they wanted ice cubes only to wrinkle their noses when we presented them with their drinks. "no!" they all cried out. "i wanted the other kind. the kind that are all blended!"
- customer asked for a vanilla latte. so we made a vanilla latte. customer then tells us "oops! i wanted it with nonfat milk". so we remake a nonfat vanilla latte. customer then tells us "oops! i wanted sugar free vanilla". so we remake a nonfat sugar free vanilla latte. customer then tells us "oops! i wanted that decaf as well". she's lucky we didn't add any 'special sauce' to her drink.
- over the hill b-list actor comes in. asks for his usual drink and complains that it's always made wrong and that we need to make sure we learn how to make a proper cappuccino. fellow barista brat makes cappuccino to perfection. b-list actor bitches and says the foam is too sudsy. i remake drink - in exactly the same fashion as fellow barista brat. surprise, surprise the cappuccino is now perfect. "finally!" b-list actor exclaims. "THIS is the creamy foam i deserve!" yeah, the guy deserves something all right, but his mouth isn't the designated orifice.

partner rant: why do you insist on making my job harder?!? really, how hard is it to remember to give a customer their pastry? how hard is it to put a sleeve on a venti cup? how hard is it to remember to empty ALL the trashcans at the end of a shift? and how hard is it to DO YOUR FRIGGEN' JOB?!? apparently it's very hard because you have yet to work one shift without screwing everything up. please, if you can't hack it here - just leave. i promise, you'll be happier. i know i will.


Sam said...

Three words -
'Too Many Choices'

Forget nonfat, sugarfree, crushed ice...etc. Just milk, sugar, and ice. Period. This is what happens when you kids get too spoiled with too many choices - apparently customers get like spoiled brats too!

[sic] said...

Customer "Oops" must not have seen the movie Waiting, because if they had, they'd think twice about returning their order only to get it wrong again and again and again. Special sauce indeed. Can you say... tangy amonia taste?

Over the hill "B-list" actor must not realize that he is no longer in a position to bitch and complain about anything. O.T.H.B.L. actors are the equivalent of sewage workers: they have to deal with as much shit as everyone else in the world.

And finally, how hard is it to understand the difference between ice cubes and milkshakes?

I fear for my children's future.

Natalie said...

Dare I ask what the secret "sauce" is?

Sugar free...non fat milk...what is the world coming to? Come on people. LIVE a little!

Marieta said...

I agree with Sam...Get a new menu with less choices - it would be easier for everybody!

Beth said...

You need to tell these jerks three strikes and they're out.

Benny said...

Really, I have to sympathize with B-List.

I mean, when I was something of a celebrity, those barista wenches in Seville always knew how to make my cafe con leche with just the right mix of suds and cream. And tip jar? Bah. They enjoyed the work. Once you've been so famous as to experience the real thing, daaaahling, it's so hard to go back to prefab lattes. Even with all those choices.

Le sigh.

anne altman said...

i bartended for 3 years. i aged 10. i worked at one place which only made hawaiian drinks. from scratch. ie: blenders, fresh lime juice only squeezed to order, different garnish for each drink,

you wanted to shoot yourself in the face making these drinks and you'd get a dollar tip if that.


people are assholes.

Freaky Filly said...

bb, i had my first bux experience friday night at a 24 hour bux in indy. i was amazed by how tall the drive thru window was. normally, the smell and taste of anything cafe, coffee, mocha...related makes me ill. i do not drink any of it. BUT...that new banana thingy sure made me wonder if i should try it. :o)

barista brat said...

sam - it's true. my customers act like spoiled brats.

[sic] - hmmm.....just daydreamed about spiking a drink with ammonia

natalie - i don't think you want to know about the secret sauce. really, you don't. :)

marieta - how i wish all we sold was coffee and tea!

beth - i think they should only be allowed one strike myself!

b - c'est vrai. t'est une superstar et c'est une privelage de preparer ta boisson!

anne - ok, you've officially made me happy i work at bux and not at a hawaiian drink bar.

freaky filly - i have to ask: what did you order? and did it make you ill?

7237161 said...

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Benny said...

bb- damn straight.

Freaky Filly said...

bb - i did not order anything for myself. my mom had a grande cappuchino and the german had a venti cafe mocha. he had that drained in about 3 minutes. lol.