go back to where you came from!

you already well know what i think of partners from other stores that come into my bux and order frappuccinos and super high maintenance drinks.
i hate them.
i especially hate that they almost always have attitude and they never tip - which they really should because their drinks are five times more complicated and time consuming than a normal drink off the menu.

i always tip when i go to a bux other than my own (i never go to my bux to get drinks. that's just too much time at work, even for me). i'm always polite, i always clearly state my order with a "may i have...", and i always thank the barista when my drinks are made.
and i'm not looking for a pat on the back for all this. it's just common decency. i think it takes more effort to be a jerk than to be pleasant and that's why i take offence to customers that come in with attitude, and why i despise partners that are growly.

the other day a partner from another store came in and asked for a caramel frappuccino. but wait - there's more: she wanted whipped cream and caramel at the bottom of her cup, whipped cream and caramel sauce, not syrup, blended in the drink as well as some malt powder and a shot of espresso. after the frappuccino was poured inside the cup she wanted another shot on top, then a layer of caramel, then more whipped cream, another layer of caramel and coconut flakes on top.
as if her drink wasn't bad enough, her attitude was even worse.

"you charged me too much!" she bitched when the register partner rang her up.
"no, i applied your discount," my fellow barista replied.
"hey, i get this drink from my store all the time. don't charge me for two add shots, just charge me for the one. and ring it up as a tall frappuccino because the added espresso makes the frappuccino bigger. and you should just throw the malt in for me because i'm a partner." she rattled off.
"um, no. since you're a partner you KNOW i have to charge you correctly." my fellow barista flat out told her.
"if you hook me up now, i'll hook you up when you come to my store." she tried to bargain.
"not a chance." was my fellow baristas final word.

it's sad but true, sometimes partners are worse customers than our customers.

barista rant: i've ranted about this before and i'm going to rant about it again. WASH OUT YOUR DAMN PERSONAL MUG! if you bring in your own commuter mug don't expect me to clean it for you because i won't. the most you'll get from me is a quick rinse, and that's for my benefit, not yours. it's because the rancid smell emanating from the bottom of your cup makes me want to gag, and a quick rinse helps me keep it together long enough to get you out of my store. and don't come back to me when your drink is made and complain about a "chunk" floating at the top of your mug. you brought that chunk in with you, and you can take it right back out.


Ale8one said...

"hey i get this drink from my store all the time."

well then, why don't you go to your store and get it made correctly! he he

photo-effe said...

hea nice story!


James said...

Examples of behavior this horrible and amusing and great almost make me want to re-enter food service, or at least the workforce. Almost.

James said...

Examples of behavior this horrible and amusing and great almost make me want to re-enter food service, or at least the workforce. Almost.

Benny said...

I liked this post.

I hate it when employees from other stores want extras on top of their discount. We're not even supposed to give them discounts, but they always have high-maintenance orders that make you want to charge them double full price.

Employees who want blended drinks are just asking for the firing squad. I always make my own, unless a manager happens to be doing nothing (which happens all the time, too).

Oh, and Mahna Mahna! :-)

slskenyon said...

Brilliant. I love customers like that. You would think that if someone worked as closely as this winner did with the kind of job you are doing for her, that she would be a little more sympathetic. Guess not. I hated that when I worked as a barrista. I was working in a pretty badly arranged place for making frappuccino drinks because the things you needed were all over the bar in different places and it took a "walk around" to complete the process. Then, they never tip you. Amazing...

barista brat said...

ale8one - that is exactly what i want to scream out at them.

photo-effe - thanks!

james yeh - you can always go back for a month. you know, as an anthropological study.

b - if i EVER hear of one of my fellow partners ording a frappuccino at a different bux i will smack them upside their apron!

slskenyon - you described my frappuccino corner perfectly. did you used to work at my bux? haha. thanks for stopping by.

Benny said...


I dub thee True Barista Hooligan.

Can I get a sip 'o' that?



Beth said...

So, I can tell y'all how to layer my drinks? Sweet. My bux is gonna love you ...